My Neighbor’s Daughter

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Mary is a gal who lives in the condo next to mine and when I answered the knock at my front door that Wednesday night there she was.

“Bill, I’ve got a problem that I am hoping you can help me with.”

“Sure Mary, what is it?”

“I just got a call from my manager and she wants me to get my butt out to Chicago for a huge corporate meeting that just came up and I’ll be gone for three days. I hate to leave Sally alone for that length of time and I am hoping you will be able to sort of look after her while I am gone.”

Mary has some kind of job in direct marketing and has always been a great neighbor. She’s in her late thirties, which is about five years older than I am. Her husband ran off with a young bimbo a half dozen years ago leaving Mary to fend for herself and raise Sally. Sally is a gal that I think has stayed out of trouble but I can see why Mary is concerned. Sally isn’t the prettiest thing around but she’s about twenty without much of a shape but she’s certainly pleasant enough but of the age when trouble comes knocking.

“No problem Mary but there is a situation I have to present to you and let you make your decision after hearing it. I am leaving tomorrow morning to my cabin up in the far reaches of Maine. It is a two-bedroom place and while it is certainly more than big enough for Sally and I she might find it a bit boring. I was planning to do some fishing on the lake my cabin is on and then some good old fashion hiking. So, if you think Sally could handle that kind of weekend I’ll be happy for the company.” I’m a writer so I am able to control my work schedule pretty well and going off for a week or so is almost a routine of mine.

“Well, that will certainly be different than any other weekend she has ever experienced. How about I bring her over and the three of us can discuss it? Hold on and let me go get her.”

Sally sounded as if she would be happy to join me and that was it. Mary left it that she would go the local food store that night and stock up on things we could enjoy on our mini- camping trip.

The car ride up to the cabin is about six hours and with the two of us jabbering away it seemed to go fast. It turned out that Sally had celebrated her twentieth birthday a few days earlier so when we stopped for lunch I had the waitress bring over a couple of pieces of chocolate cake I had spotted in the bakery rack. The waitress was a great sport and led the diner in singing “Happy Birthday” to Sally. The whole place joined in and applauded when the song was over. Sally could have died with embarrassment but laughed good naturally.

We arrived at the cabin around three and had our stuff unloaded a half-hour later. I have a local woman come by to dust and just do general clean up whenever I call and tell her I’ll be up so the place was presentable and Sally wouldn’t get the idea I was a total slob.

I really like the place but I have been here in late November thru early March and it does get a mite chilly. My first time up in the winter I thought I would freeze to death. I had the propane heaters and the wood fireplace going 24/7. I had to call a guy who lives here year round and sells firewood to deliver three extra large loads during that period. That summer I had a local contractor come in and do a much better job in weatherproofing the place. He showed me some gaps in the insulation I could put my fist through. The guy I had build the place had moved out of the area after he did a shitty job building my place and a few others in the area.

There are a couple of pieces of all weather kind of furniture out on the porch facing the lake and I came through the living room and saw Sally on the sofa out on the porch just looking at the water. There is a huge roof over the porch so the furniture stays in decent shape even though it is exposed to the weather year round.

“So what do you think? Like it so far?” I asked.

“Oh heck yes. It is serene and the view is terrific.”

I went over and sat beside her on the sofa and she looked up at me and said,

“Bill, would you mind if I asked you some personal questions?”

I had no idea where this was going but I knew the situation with her wandering father and she didn’t have a man to chat with about things that prey on the mind of teenagers.

“Not at all, ask away.”

She stood up and got in front of me and just turned herself in a complete circle and then sat back down along side of me.

“My question is why don’t any guys ever ask me out on dates? I know I am no beauty queen but I don’t think I am ugly.”

“Are you saying you have never been on a date?”

“Yep, that’s exactly what I am saying.”

“Geez. I don’t know if I can answer that. I know if I were a bit younger I would be knocking on your door. Let me give it some thought and I’ll get back to you.”

“I have fired up the charcoal grill so how about if we go for a walk while it is heating up? Who knows maybe we’ll see a deer or two and I promise to think more about how to answer your question while we are walking.”

Our walk took fethiye escort us about a mile around one part of the lake before we turned back. She kept at me about did I have any ideas as to what the problem was with her lack of men friends and I didn’t have any answers that satisfied either of us. I’ll give it some more thought later.

The coals were white hot when we got back and I threw on a couple of the steaks Mary supplied us with. I heated some water and put a handful of asparagus on the screening that fits the pot so we were going to have steamed asparagus and steak for dinner. I always have the place stocked with wine and booze so I cracked open a nice Merlot and we sipped that while enjoying our meal.

The longer I chatted with Sally the more confused I got. As I said, she certainly isn’t a beauty queen but she is one interesting gal and a great conversationalist. What the hell is keeping the guys away from her?

When we were almost finished eating I announced that I was going for a swim. It was only six thirty and I was going to love the feel of the tingling cool lake water. Knowing that I would feel a little more than just cool when I got out of the water I threw some logs in the outdoor fireplace and lit the kindling. It would burn for hours.

“Bill. I didn’t bring a bathing suit but I can go in with the shorts I have on and a T-top I have in my suitcase as long as I can use your dryer later.”

“No problem, I’ll be also using an old pair of shorts I keep up here for just this. Last one in is a rotten egg.”

It was nearly a tie but I do think she beat me by a few seconds.

She is a fantastic swimmer. God, her strokes aren’t only powerful but are as graceful as imaginable. Damn, she would clean my clock in a swimming race.

It was about another half-hour before dusk so we swam back and forth and then out a hundred yards or so and then back into shore.

“Sally, I’m going in now. You can join me or stay in the water as long as you would like.”

“No, I think I’ll join you. I do hope you have a few towels we can use.”

“That I have. There is a locker by the door into the cabin from the porch that holds a half dozen fluffy white towels. We can spread a few beneath us while sitting on the sofa in front of the fire and use a few more to hurry our drying.”

She was a good few steps behind me and I turned to see her climbing the steps to the cabin. Holy cow, she had a nice body but certainly had it hidden under the clothes she was wearing that day. I think I have discovered while she wasn’t getting any action from the guys. The way she dressed made it appear that she had a body of a guy. That can be fixed rather easily.

“Sally, you are probably going to be upset with what I am about to say but you were the one who asked for my opinion as to why you never had any dates.”

“Yes, so what is your big discovery?” she asked sheepishly.

“It’s easy. Your problem is the way you dress. You cover up some of your best assets. All day I thought you were basically flat chested and now when I see you in a wet tee shirt I can see I was grossly mistaken. You actually have TITS.”

Whew, even as dark as it was getting I could see the blushing start at her neck and quickly go up to her hairline.

“Well, heck, I don’t want to dress like a slut.”

“Sally, I’m not suggestion that you do but on the other hand dressing like a guy isn’t helping your appeal to the opposite sex.”

“So you think that if I dressed differently I would attract guys?” She asked.

“There isn’t the slightest doubt in my mind. I KNOW I’m right. Look, do something for me. Get another towel and turn your back to me and then slip out of that wet tee shirt and wrap the towel around your neck letting the ends of it drape down over your chest and then turn back to me.”

She did it but not too quickly. This wasn’t something she was excited about doing.

When she was facing me again I could see that the towel was protruding out a good ways and then I thought I’d go for broke.

“Sally, I would like to see what you have under there so if you will please hold the ends of the towel away from your body.”

“You mean you want to see me naked up top?” She asked with a stutter.

“Sally, all I am trying to do is to see what we have to work with as far as picking out more attractive clothes for you. If you don’t want to do that, no problem. Come sit back on the sofa and I’ll get us a glass of wine and we can watch the flames in the fireplace and chat about what we can do for the next few days. One of which is to drive into town and get you some different things to wear.”

Almost before I finished that sentence the towel was being held out and I was looking at a lovely pair of tits. Not Dolly Parton material but what is the old saying, “A nice pair of tits are about the size of a champagne glass.”? Hers were a good bit larger and appeared to be as firm as rocks. Damn, wait until we get her dressed differently and she’ll be a new gal.

“Sally, I can promise you that when we get you at least escort fethiye some better tops and perhaps a different bra you will not recognize yourself.”

“Hey, I’m going to go in and take a shower and then pull on my sweat pants and shirt that I wear to bed and I’ll be back down in fifteen minutes. I’ll pour you a glass of wine you can sip on till I return.”

“No, don’t do that. I’ll go and take a shower too. I’ll gather the towels we used here along with the clothes we swam in and throw them all in the washer if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. The laundry room is right off the kitchen.”

I have a bathroom off the master bedroom but there isn’t a private bath off the guest bedroom. The bath for it is right next door to it but she was going to go from the bedroom next door to the bath.

When she was going from the bedroom to the bath she must have thought I was in my bath but I had taken a quick shower while she was throwing stuff in the washer and was on my way back out when she was going from the bedroom to the bath and only had a towel wrapped around her top. That left her uncovered from the waist down and I was able to see that she hadn’t shaved a rather large black bush. She would have shit fit if she thought I saw her like that.

I had switched to scotch after my shower and threw another log on the fireplace and sat on the sofa just looking at the stars and the lights from the houses far along the distant shore of the lake. It really is a peaceful tranquil sight and I love it. I come up here often when I am trying to get some ideas for my writing and I never fail to get just the kind of charge that I need.

“Boy, you are fast Bill. How long have you been sitting out here?”

“Oh not very long, maybe ten minutes or so. Remember, I don’t have the long hair of yours to wash and dry.” (I was talking about the hair on her head not her pussy!)

“I’ve switched to scotch and you are certainly welcome to some if that’s your choice but I wasn’t going to change your drinks without your OK”

“That’s good. I think I had better stick with wine. I’ve only had one glass of scotch in my whole life and hated the taste of it”

“No problem, one glass of wine coming up,” and I rose to get the bottle from the dining area table where I had put it down before our afternoon walk.

“Well, tomorrow is a big day. We are going to get you some new clothes and then have lunch in town and then back here for some fishing out on the lake.”

“What kind of clothes do you think I need and remember I didn’t bring a ton of money with me so they better take credit cards.”

“Don’t worry about the cost. They will be my treat. I was thinking that we ought to go to a store other than a Wal Mart and get a sales gal who looks as if she understands fashion and simply ask for her help. Maybe something with sequins sewn all over it with a skirt way up above your knees and an ultra tight top to go with it. What do you think?”

“I don’t know if you are joking or not but I can tell you this, you will never see me in anything with sequins” She said forcefully.

“Yeah, I’m joking. I was thinking of a pair of nice shorts with a couple of not too tight tops. Perhaps we can also get you in a pair of long pants that could pick up the colors of the tops. Who knows, we’ll just ask the sales girl for her guidance”

“Sounds good but I have to ask why are you doing all of this?”

“Well, I hated to hear you say you never had a date and I think I know the reason why and want to do something about it. ‘Besides, never look a gift horse ………”

“Sally, I think I am going to hit the sack. Would you like me to pour you another glass of wine before I leave?”

“No, I am just going to finish the glass I have and then hit the hay as well. See you in the morning.”

I was awakened with the smell of coffee and the clanging of silverware and got up to see that Sally had started the coffee and was putting some bread in the toaster. The day was starting out right.

“Hey Chef, you do nice work. I’ll bet you could scramble a couple of eggs if you tried read hard.”

“Scrambled eggs coming up.” She said as she reached for the frying pan.

We sat eating our eggs and talked about what the day was going to bring. It was only eight AM and I said that by the time we finished breakfast and got ourselves and the kitchen cleaned up it would be close to nine. The ride over to the main shopping area would take about forty-five minutes, which would be perfect. The stores opened at nine thirty and we would be there shortly afterwards.

“Bill, I’m not sure I want to go ahead with clothing makeover you have planned.”

“Oh cut the crap Sally. You admit you are not getting any action from the guys you know and I know perfectly well the reason. The way you dress would make any guy think you are from Deadsville. I know how to resolve the issue and If you don’t want to go ahead with it, fine but you will have to stop moaning about your lack of popularity to both me and anyone else, including your mother. Make up fethiye escort bayan your mind now because if we aren’t going shopping I am going to put my fishing togs on and I’m ready to catch a whale.”

She lowered her head and mumbled, “OK we’ll go shopping.”

“Before we do that I have something else to talk to you about. We are going to have to trim your pubic hair a lot to keep it from protruding from the edges of any shorts we are going to get you. Girls nowadays trim it back on both sides or shave it completely. If you are wondering where I got this info I have to tell you that your hair was visible around the shorts you wore swimming. I have scissors and a razor and will do it for you if that won’t embarrass you too much.”

“You mean you want to give my private parts a HAIRCUT?”

“Well, yes if that’s the way you want to think of it.”

“Oh my God, I hardly know you and you are suggesting that I let you get that personal with me.”

“Sally, you can do it yourself but I can imagine that it will be very hard the first time. I’ll cut it back on each side and then shave those areas with my razor and shaving cream. If you think you can do all of that without cutting yourself you are certainly welcome to try. Just let me know for we are going to have to do it before we leave for the stores. We can’t have the sales girl see you there or she will flip out”

“C’mon Sally, what the heck’s the big deal. I have seen a lot of girls ‘private parts’ as you so describe.

“I’ll get warm wash cloths and a basin of warm water and bring them to your bed.”

She followed my instructions well and it was only another fifteen minutes that I was looking at a huge black bush and her face was redder than a beet as she was lying on the bed.

“OK, Sally, raise up a bit. I want to put a towel under your butt to catch the hair I will be cutting off.”

I had her lay on her back and began the cutting with the scissors. Her bush was so thick I couldn’t even see the lips of her pussy until I got a lot of the hair off. She had her arm thrown across her face to sort of hide herself; like that was going to keep me from seeing her. I got most of it trimmed and then had her open her legs and trimmed what was there. I then got the warm wet wash cloth and sort of draped it over her while I got the shaving cream out and a new razor. I had cut fairly close with the scissors so the shaving went fairly easy.

When I smeared the cream on I made sure my fingers dwelt a little bit longer than was necessary on the lips of her pussy. As soon as she felt what I was doing with my fingers she began a little moan. I started shaving her and every time I got near her pussy lips I let a finger trail over the nearest lip. Her moans became louder and I asked if I was hurting her and she whispered. “No, but the way you are touching me feels so strange.”

“Strange good or strange bad?” I asked but kept my fingers doing right what they were as I asked.

“Strange nice.” She responded.

“Well, let me finish this and see how it looks and feels for you.”

It only needed a few more strokes of the razor and then a wipe up with the wash cloth before I was finished. I then let my fingers slide up one side of her pussy and then over to the other side to do the same thing. After just a few minutes of this she was moaning big time and had began to throw her hips back and forth and up to meet my fingers.

“Sally, after you shower again I am going to get a little Vaseline and wipe it over where I just shaved. I think it will make the area feel better.”

When she got up from the bed the hair I had trimmed completely covered the towel I had her lie on. It was going in the trash rather than try to salvage it. The amount of hair would certainly clog my drain.

I heard a little shriek from the bathroom and rushed in to see what it was only to find her posing in front of the wall mirror and looking at my handiwork.

“I’m naked she shouted. Where did all my hair go?” She said laughingly.

“You just joined the twenty-first century Sally. Now get into the shower and wash yourself good before I smear a little Vaseline on that area to smooth it


“Sally, you are going to have to come up with some kind of story about shaving your pussy for your mom.”

“Yeah, she’ll be jealous as heck.”

“What would she have to be jealous about?” I asked.

“Cause she would wish it was her pussy you had shaved. She’s been wanting to get it on with you for a long time. She thinks you are soooooooo handsome.”

Hmmmm, I am going to have to pay more attention to my neighbors when I get back.

I few minutes later she was dried off and going back to her bed and I was right behind her with the Vaseline and a huge throbbing hard on.

“Lay back Sally and let me put some of this stuff on you and I am certain it will feel good.”

I got a gob of it on my fingers and slowly began to caress the shaved part and once again let my fingers trail over the lips of her pussy. This time I let them enter her a very little way but that was all it took. I was glad the cabin was deep in the woods so no one could hear her moaning. Each time my fingers opened her pussy lips up a little her moans got louder and as my fingers retreated they got softer.

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