My new friend Alex

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My new friend Alex
It was looking to be another picture-perfect mid-summer day in my small hometown of Ormond By The Sea, so of course my damn mother had to fuck it up. Apparently, a friend of my step-father’s is coming over for the afternoon and bringing his k**, Alex, with him. This meant that I had to keep the k** entertained, just what I need on a day just made for surfing. This fucking sucks!
I tried to blow off some steam by mowing the lawn while I waited for my parents’ guest and his little bastard. It didn’t work, and by the time I was putting the mower back in the shed I was even more pissed off. I went back inside and showered then sat in my room working on the dungeon for tomorrows D&D game. My friends were going to pay for what my folks were doing to me today as I stocked the dungeon with some particularly nasty monsters.
Finally, around noon, my mom called out to announce that their company was here. Grudgingly I packed up my books and made my way to the livingroom just as there was a knock at the door. She opened the door and to my surprise there stood a huge black guy in jeans and a tight t-shirt. Right behind him a young equally dark-skinned girl in lose denim shorts and a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. She looked to be a little younger than me and no happier about the situation than I was. She did look a little familiar though.
“Tom, this is Dave and his daughter Alexandra”, my mother introduced the towering negro as they came in.
I reached out my hand and it has soon enveloped in his as we shook hands. “Nice to meet you.” I tried to hide my shock, black folks just didn’t come to this part of Ormond. In fact, the local police were known to stop any black person that they saw on the streets here after five o’clock. Such was Florida in the early eighties, the schools might have been integrated but not so the communities where the people lived.
“Dave, Alex, this is my son Tom”, my mother continued the introductions, “and Alex, this is my husband Jim”, indicating my step father who had come up behind me.
We all settled into the livingroom with Dave and my mom sitting on the couch while Jim went to grab a couple of beers for him and co-worker while I let Alexandra have the other chair. Jim sat on the opposite side of the couch next to my mom when he came back. The adults made small talk and Alexandra and I got acquainted, it turned out that she went to the same Jr. High school as I did which is why she looked vaguely familiar. She was in seventh grade while I was in ninth. She even had a few of my old teachers, which was impressive as I was in some pretty advanced classes.
After a while my mom suggested that I take Alex down to the beach to go swimming. The girl looked at her father for permission and for the first time she smiled when he said yes and told her that he’d bought her a new bathing suit and that it was in the car. In a flash she was out the door and quickly returned with a small bag. I showed her where the bathroom was on my way to my room to change. When I came back, she was just coming out of the bathroom wearing a tight yellow bikini. Damn, I thought as I tried to discretely check her out. She had small boobs but a perfect little round ass. She caught me looking but just smiled as I turned beet red.
I followed her back into the livingroom, watching her cute little ass the whole way. We announced that we were leaving. Dave told us to be back around five. It seemed to me that they were in a rush to get us out of the house, but I brushed the feeling aside. On our way out I grabbed my surfboard and asked Alex if she surfed. She didn’t, so I told her that I could show her how.
It was only a short walk to the beach from my house but the whole way I could feel the eyes of my neighbors on us, or on Alex really. We were going to be the talk of the town by nightfall. Before crossing A1A to get to the beach I brought my guest to the little general store at the top of my street and got us a couple of Cokes. We crossed the busy road and walked down the short narrow trail to the beach. Now, being several miles north of Daytona we didn’t get nearly as many tourists but today the beach seemed particularly deserted. It only took me a moment to see why, there were hundreds of what looked like purple plastic bags strewn across the beach. Portuguese Man of War, son of a bitch, there wasn’t going to be any swimming today. For those unfamiliar with these bastards, they are a jellyfish like creature with really long tentacles that delivered a really nasty sting to anyone unfortunate enough to get tangled up in them.
“Well shit”, I exclaimed looking out at the beach, “this sucks.”
“Yup”, she agreed, “so what now?”
“Well, we can go back to my house and listen to music”, I suggested. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri
She said that sounded good and we started walking back. We got to the house and I put my board back in the carport. We walked around to the front door and just as I reached for the doorknob, I heard a groan from inside, “Oh fuck yeah, suck my fucking cock baby!”
What the fuck? I put my finger to my lips to keep Alex quiet and moved over to the open window beside the front door. Peeking inside I couldn’t believe my eyes. My mother was laying naked on the couch with her head in Dave’s lap and sucking on his large black dick. Jim was kneeling on the floor and had his face buried in her crotch obviously licking her pussy. I was actually a little disappointed because of where his head was placed I couldn’t see her pussy. Alex joined me at the window watching as my mom sucked off her father’s nine or ten inch dick while he squeezed one of her fleshy tits. I’d never really thought of it before, but my mom had a nice rack. Captivated we watched the torrid scene for a few minutes before I was able to tear my eyes away and drag Alex away from the window before we were caught. I’ll admit that the scene had me as hard as a rock, and looking down I could see Alex rubbing the crotch of her bikini bottoms.
Grabbing her small hand, I pulled her around to the back of the house. “Holy shit”, I exclaimed quietly once I was sure that we were out of earshot.
“Right”, she agreed. “What do we do now?”
“I have an idea”, I told her, still not believing what I’d just witnessed. I led her to the back of my yard where I still had a treehouse that Jim and I had built years before. I didn’t really go up there much anymore except to get away from people every now and then, or to jack off to the couple of Playboys that I had stashed up there. I did also have a small radio up there. “We can hang out up here for a while until they’re done.”
“That works”, she agreed and began to climb up the rickety ladder.
I followed behind, staring at her bikini clad ass all the way up. From this vantage I could see a seemingly damp spot forming in the yellow material where it pulled tightly against the lips of her sex. Once inside the small wooded treehouse we sat opposite each other still trying to wrap our young minds around the scene that we’d spied through my front window. “I can’t believe that my mom was giving your dad a blow job”, I finally said breaking the awkward silence.
“And what was your step-dad doing?”, she asked.
“He was eating her pussy”, I explained.
“Eww, that’s gross”, she whined.
“It looked like she was enjoying it”, I observed.
“Would you do that”, she asked staring into my eyes.
I thought for a moment and said that I’d like to try it.
She was quiet for a couple of minutes and then shyly asked if I was serious about wanting to try it. I said that I was. She was quiet again for a minute then sheepishly asked if I wanted to lick her pussy. Of course I wanted to lick her pussy!
“I’ll make you a deal, I will lick your pussy if you suck on my dick”, I offered.
She thought for a moment and said, “okay.”
Holy shit, she agreed! “How do we start”, I asked, suddenly unsure of how to proceed.
“I don’t know”, she answered but then reached behind her back and untied the top to her yellow bikini and let it fall onto her lap. Her tits were small but to me they were perfect to my eyes. The soft swells were tipped by dark, almost black nipples that poked out like ebony pencil erasers.
“Wow, those are nice”, I complimented her as I stood up the best I could in the small treehouse and untied my swim trunks. Her eyes grew wide as I pushed them down my hips and set my raging hard cock free. I sat back down to watch as she untied the sides of her bikini bottom and lifted her ass to pull the diminutive garment free. Her pussy was amazing, not that I’d seen many to compare it to. The lips were puffy and closed beneath a sparse coat of thin black hair. I got up onto my knees and crawled over to her and cupped her cute little face with my hands and leaned in to kiss her softly on the lips. I don’t think that she expected me to kiss her but after a moment she let her lips part and allowed me to slide my tongue into her warm wet mouth. We kissed for a couple of minutes while I rubbed my hands over her small titties.
Finally breaking our kiss, I gently urged her onto her back and knelt between her dark brown thighs. I couldn’t believe that I was about to do this as I lowered my face down to her crotch. I could smell her arousal as I got closer and it was heavenly. Softly, I kissed her dark outer lips which made her moan. I then used my thumbs to spread her lips and took in the sight of her pink inner treasure. A little makrobet güvenilir mi nervous, I stuck out my tongue and licked the length of her gash. It was my first taste of pussy and I was immediately addicted to it. I really didn’t know what I was doing so at first I simply licked her pussy from bottom to top but I did notice that she seemed to twitch and moan every time that my tongue passed over this little nub towards to top so I began to focus on that area. I backed off for just a moment to tell her how wonderful her pussy tasted.
“Oh shit”, she hissed as I began to focus my attention on what I now know was her clit. As I sucked on her clit she spread her thighs farther and used her hands to hold my head in place. I continued to assault her little clit with my mouth and I noticed that her pussy had begun to leak a wonderful tasting fluid from her tiny fuck hole. I lapped up this delicious juice like a man dying of thirst. It took some maneuvering but I was able to snake my right hand beneath my chin and slowly I inserted a finger into the hot confines of her pussy and began to finger fuck her while I ate her tight virgin cunt.
“Oh, oh, oh”, she groaned and ground her pussy against my face as she began to cum. Her strong black thighs squeezed against my head as her whole body clenched up in orgasmic bliss. I licked her through her first orgasm and then a second before she pushed my face away from her spasming cunt, “no more”, she pleaded.
I was pretty proud of the fact that I was able to get her off like that yet a little disappointed to be suddenly deprived of my new favorite snack. I leaned back onto my knees and took in the sight of her now sweat soaked body. The glistening sweat on her black skin only accented the beauty of her sweet little body. “How was that”, I asked.
“Fuck, that was incredible”, she gasped breathlessly.
I gave her a minute to recover before laying back with my hardon pointing skyward waiting for my turn. I didn’t have to wait long before she got onto her knees between my legs and nervously wrapped her small hand around my aching shaft. It was strange to feel somebody else’s hand stroking my cock, her hands were so soft.
She stroked my rod a few times before tentatively licking the huge drop of my precum from the head. She swished it around in her mouth for a moment before evidently deciding that it wasn’t gross and taking almost half of my prick into her mouth. Nothing in my young life could have prepared me for the sensation of entering her hot wet mouth. She slowly began to bob her head on my hard dick and I was in heaven. “Oh damn that feels so good.”
She looked up at me after my compliment and I was treated to one of the sexiest things that I’d ever seen, her brown eyes locked with mine as my white dick slipped out of her mouth and she lazily licked the head like a lollypop. She took my rod back into her mouth and went back to fucking me with her face, I knew that I wasn’t going to last very long in her inexperienced yet eager mouth. I could feel my balls beginning to draw up and warned her that I was getting ready to cum, she responded by sucking me harder until with a grunt I exploded into her throat. Never in my short life had I cum so hard, shooting spurt after spurt of my cream into her mouth. She swallowed hard to keep up with the torrent of my goo until I finally ran out.
She let my still hard cock slide from her mouth and used her finger to wipe away the few drops of cum that had escaped onto her chin. She then licked them clean. “Mmmm, you taste pretty good too.”
“That was incredible”, I assured her as I tried to catch my breath. I pulled her up on top of me and kissed her again, this time I could taste the residue of my cum mixed with her cherry lip gloss. It really didn’t taste bad, but not good enough that I was going to start sucking dicks to get more of it.
We laid like that for a while, with her on top of me kissing and enjoying the feel of each other’s bodies. Gradually she began to roll her hips rubbing her slick wet pussy against my dick. It felt almost like we were fucking, or at least what I’d imagined fucking would feel like. Her grinding slowly began to become faster and more urgent until suddenly she slid up beyond my cock. When she slid back it felt as if my prick was stuck against something between those sweet black lips. Just as I was going to reach down and free it the pressure transformed into the most amazing thing that I’d ever experienced, I was inside of her.
“Fuck”, she swore and stopped moving on my cock. I could feel her pussy beginning to stretch in order to accommodate my intruding member. After a few seconds she pushed back again and inch by inch impaled herself on my dick until tipobet finally the swollen lips of her sex rested against my balls. “Damn, your dick feels so big inside me.”
“Your pussy is so fucking tight”, I told her as I hugged her tight to my chest and kissed her again. I let her set the pace as she slowly began to roll her hips. Words cannot describe the feeling of my dick sliding in and out her tight canal. I let loose my hug on her and she sat back grinding her hot cunt on my dick. She looked like a black angel riding my shaft like that. Craning my neck up I was able to see where my glistening white shaft was penetrating her small black pussy and was captivated by the image.
She rode me like that for a few minutes until I could feel the need to cum building again. Not wanting it to end so soon I pulled her off my cock and rolled her over onto her back. I bend down and licked her wet box for a moment to stem the tide before pushing back into her. I pumped my throbbing shaft into her pussy with hard strokes. The small treehouse smelled of sex and sweat. The tattoo of my balls slapping against her asshole echoed off the thin plywood walls. I reached down between us and began to rub her clit with my thumb, this sent her over the edge, and she began to writhe on the hard plywood floor and to squeal in orgasmic bliss as she came. Being inside a pussy while a woman climaxed added yet another new experience to my list for the day. I could feel the velvety walls of her cunt spasm and contract as she came. It was all too much for me. Hurriedly I pulled out of her steamy cunt and with a few furious strokes with my fist I shot rope after rope of my pearly cum onto her ebony belly.
Breathless, I collapsed onto the floor beside her. “Holy shit, that was unbelievable”, I gasped.
She stared blankly at the ceiling, still high from her own orgasm. “I never knew anything could feel like that”, she finally stated as she idly ran her finger through the puddle of jizz on her belly.
We lay like that for a while catching our breaths then I got up and found the roll of paper towels that I’d stashed up there for jacking off into. I took a couple of the sheets and gently wiped up my goo from her soft skin.
“What do you think their doing inside”, she asked with a big grin.
“Probably the same thing we just were doing out here”, I answered.
“Let’s go take a peek”, she suggested as she grabbed her bikini.
Grudgingly I pulled on my shorts and followed her down the ladder. At that moment I truly didn’t care what they were doing in the house, I was far more interested in her tight little pussy. We quietly snuck around to the front of the house and peeked into the open window.
To this day I still can’t believe what I saw in those quick few seconds. Jim was laying on his back with my mom straddling his head while Dave sawed his big black cock into her pussy from behind. Every few strokes he would pull it out and although it was hard to see because of the angle, it looked like he put it into my step-father’s mouth. Clearly Alex’s father was in charge and my mother certainly seemed to be enjoying being used by the big black guy. Jim however didn’t seem as enthused but was a willing participant regardless.
We peeked in on them a few more times and even got to see them switch positions. Dave sat back on the couch and my mom straddled his muscular thighs with her back to him. Finally, I got to see my mom’s hairy pussy as it spread around the fat knob of Dave’s dick. Jim then got onto his knees and resumed licking my mother’s cunt and now obviously the shaft and balls of the huge black cock that she was riding. Back then I didn’t know what a cuckold was, but I do now.
Quietly we returned to the treehouse where we promptly stripped off our clothes again. Knowing that we had time, we made out for a while kissing and exploring every inch of each other’s body. We fucked two more times, trying to mimic the positions that we’d seen our parents doing. I really liked doggy style, but the hard floor of the treehouse was rough on my knees. Eventually we figured that it was probably safe to return to the house. After getting dressed and making sure that we were both presentable we made our way around the front of the house and to the door. A quick peek in the window showed that our parents had indeed finished with their afternoon of fun as they were now all dressed and sitting on the couch watching TV. I opened the door for Alex and followed her inside. Her dad asked how the beach was and we simply said that we had a good time. We all talked for a few minutes before Alex and Dave had to leave. Not surprisingly everyone in my house went to bed early that night.
Alex and I continued to see each other, although somewhat discretely, given the time and place. Interracial couples were still very much frowned upon in the south during the eighties. Dave still made regular visits with my parents for a few years and usually he brought Alex along since we seemed to hit it off so well, little did he know how well.

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