My Punishment Ch. 02

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Being in the house with Jason after he walked in on me was a little awkward. We were still workout buddies and we’d eat dinner together but there was tension behind our movement. It was like we tried not to get to close to each other or something. I hope Quinn won’t notice it when he gets back tomorrow. I get to pick my man up from the airport at about 8:30 tomorrow night! I just don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve been primping myself since he told me he had his flight arrangements. I got my hair done just like he likes it. I got a brazilin wax yesterday. And I’ve been working out more just so I can show off to him. I miss him terribly!

Tonight’s the night! I’m about to leave the house to pick up Quinn. Jason and I worked out to a new video today, so my body feels nice and tight. I’ve even been doing kegels to get ready. Haha! I put on Quinn’s favorite outfit. He loves my short pink school girl skirt. It’s 14 inches long and is pleated. I paired it with my black tube top and heels. I figured if I was gonna show off, I would do it right! I parked near the baggage claim exit and saw him waiting for his bags through the glass doors. He looked great. Tall, lean, and tan. Perfect. I snuck up behind him and covered his eyes with my hands.

“Guess who?”

He chuckled. “I’d know that voice anywhere,” as he dropped his bags. “Hey baby”

He turned around and took me in from head to toe. He had this hungry look on his face as he saw my outfit and hair style. He licked his lips and shuffled from foot to foot. I did a little turn for him so he can see my ass. I know I looked good before he left, but working out with Jason has made my body solid and toned. My ass was a bit higher, which means, so was my skirt. I could see it was hard for him not to reach out and just grab me. His pants were a bit tighter then when I first saw him, and I know he was excited to see me.

He took me in his arms and just held me for a little while.

“You look amazing. But I think you already know that,” he laughed.

“Thanks. I hoped you’d like my outfit. I wore it just for you. You look pretty good yourself.”

“Thanks Babe. God I missed you”

“Missed you too. Let’s get your bags and go home.”

“That is a great idea.” He was staring at my tits when he said that. I took it has a sign the night was going to end well for me.

We got into the car and started the drive home. He was very interested in my legs while I was driving. It was hard to concentrate on the road. He just kept stroking my thigh. Each time, coming closer and closer to my pussy. I had decided not to wear underwear tonight and just knowing he was about to find that out was getting me hot.

He finally came close enough to graze my clit with his finger. I knew he could feel that I was already wet. “You should find a place to pull over. I just want to time with you alone before we get home. I’ve missed being with you so much.”

“Ok. We can go to the beach if we get off at next exit.”


I drove to the deserted beach and parked. I was glad for the summer heat. At midnight, the lake can get pretty chilly sometimes. The lake has always been our favorite place to relax and just sit. We don’t need to talk all the time which is nice. It’s not weird silences, just us sitting there holding each other and enjoying each other’s company. We always keep a blanket in the truck just for these occasions.

I put the blanket down for us. I took my time, making sure it was just right, while Quinn watched from behind me. I took my heels off and stood in the sand, which was still a bit warm from the summer sun.

“You really do look great, Davy,” he said as he walked up behind me, grabbing my hips. “I missed you so much”

I turned around to face him. Putting my arms around his neck, I made the first move and kissed him. Slow at first, trying to get familiar with his mouth again. He responded in kind. Kissing me deeper as he let his hands roam around my body, bringing me in for even deeper kisses.

I pulled away for a second. “How about we lay down?”

“Ok.” He voice came out raspy, like it took everything to say just that one word. We lay next to each other on the blanket. While the kissing continued, so did his hands. He made his way up my thigh to my ass and finally, after spreading my legs a bit, he found my pussy. I was already soaking wet from just his touches.

“Oh, I see you were expecting me,” he said with a smile.

” I’ve been wet for days thinking about you.”

Grinning, he started kissing me again, this time he rolled me into my back while he leaned in between my legs. He had his fingers in my pussy and thumb on my swollen clit.

“Pull off top up.”

Most of his words came out in grunts at this point. I knew when I finally got to have him, he wouldn’t last too long. But I didn’t mind, time was on our side this week.

I pulled off my top and he popped my hard nipple into his month. He was always able to drive me crazy by sucking on my kurtköy escort breasts. But this time was made better with him finger banging me. I started bucking my hips as I felt my orgasm coming close. He could feel me starting to shudder every time he put pressure on my clit.

“I don’t think I can hold out much longer!!”

“I want you to cum for me baby. Cum with my fingers inside you”

That did it! I convulsed for about a minute before I finally calmed down. I caught his eyes as I was finally able to focus. He was looking down and smiling at me. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in for a kiss. This time I rolled on top of him. I started in doing his belt while on top. As I pulled his pants down, I slid down his body, never breaking eye contact. He’s always liked it when I do that. Watching me as I watched him while sucking him off made him really excited. I got his pants and boxers down, and took him in my mouth. He released a long groan as I started licking him like a lollipop.

I worked his shaft in and out of my mouth while playing with his balls. Quinn didn’t shave down there but he kept a nice area for me to play with. I put his balls in my mouth while stroking his cock. His was bucking and groaning but he would release yet…until I started on his asshole. I pulled him out of my mouth and stuck my finger in there instead. Once they were nice and lubed, I put one in his puckered asshole. He immediately bucked up.

“Put the other one in there.” He said.

So I did .I didn’t think Quinn could get harder at this point, but somehow, he did. I put his cock back in my mouth while still having my fingers in his ass. I knew that if I kept up this pace, he couldn’t hold out much longer. Sure enough, a few minutes later, Quinn said he was going to cum. I backed off while he stood up. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock back in my mouth. I love the taste of his cum and he made sure I got every drop!

We rested for a little bit longer on the beach. Listening to the ocean and just holding each other.

“I guess we should get back home. Jason probably wants to see you too.” I said

“Ok, let’s clean up a bit and go.”

The drive home was nice. We caught up on the last few weeks. Even though we talk to each other on the phone about every other night, it was great being face to face. He was happy to be home, I could tell. I would look over at him while he talked, and he eyes were sparkling. It’s going to be a fun week.

We pulled into the garage and parked. I popped the trunk where we stowed he bag and got out of the car to grab it. As I bent over the truck to grab the handle, I felt Quinn behind me, putting his hand on my hips. I giggled a little from feeling his manhood on me. I can wait to fuck him.

“I think we should make this dinner go by pretty quick, so I can take you upstairs and fuck you silly,” he whispered into my ear.

Then he started to bite my earlobe while his hands sled up my thighs. He was almost to my still wet pussy before I stopped him.

“Jason probably heard us come home. We should go inside before we get interrupted,” I said, breathing heavier just from his touch.

He eased off of me and let me grab his suitcase. As he turned I caught a hint of a smile play on his lips. I knew he was thinking about what he was going to do to me later. I couldn’t wait either.

Quinn led the way to the garage door with my in step behind him.

“Baby, there’s a note on the door.”

“What’s it say?” I said

“It’s from Jason. It says, ‘Hey guys. I figured you would want to spend the night alone, so I made plans with friends. Enjoys yourselves. Quinn, I’ll see you tomorrow.’ Hmmm, well that’s a surprise”

“Yeah, that’s nice of him. I wonder where he went. He hasn’t really hung out with anyone in a while.”

Quinn opened the door to the garage for us. The door leads to the kitchen and dining room area of the house. On the table were candles and two place settings. There was food in the kitchen, cooked and ready to eat.

“Oh my! Baby, Jason made us dinner,” I said a little breathlessly. It was great! Jason has always been the better cook of the two of us, so I knew this would be good. He made Chicken Alfredo with veggies mixed in, Caesar salad and there was a bruschetta appetizer. Everything was laid out for us so we just had to sit and eat.

Jason turned and winked at me, “We might as well eat now. I have a feeling we’re going to need the energy.”

We sat down to a great meal and caught each other up on our comings and goings for the last few weeks. It was nice to just sit and talk for once. Of course there was touching though. I mean, I haven’t seen him in three weeks! We held hands, touched legs and feet. We were rarely without contact.

Finally, Quinn said he wanted to go upstairs. With a shit eating grin no less. He took my hand and led me to our bedroom. Closing the door with his foot, he started by lightly touching my arms. We stood in the bedroom for malatya escort a few minutes kissing lightly, getting familiar with each other again. His kisses started to turn hungry. My lips parted, giving his tongue an invitation to mine. He grabbed the back of my head and suddenly had his hand on my breast. With his thumb and forefinger slowly massaging my nipple, his hand eased out of my hair and down my side.

Jason pulled away from me. “I want you naked and on the bed.”

We parted for just a moment. I slowly took my top, skirt and heels off and lay on my back across the bed. As I climbed onto the bed, he smacked my ass just enough to turn me on more. A spanking always helped the mood. He told me to lay on my back with my legs open. He stood on the edge and just looked at me for a minute. He finally started to undress himself and came closer to me. Jason hovered over me while looking me up and down, like he didn’t know where to start.

“Hmm, let’s start with your tits shall we. I want to you to play with your nipples.”

I lay back on the pillows and did as I was told. With my hands on my boobs, I started needing and pulling until my nipples were hard and firm. I watched him watch me. His cock was stirring with excitement.

“Next I want you to massage your pussy for me.”

I kept one hand on my breast and let the other travel further south upon command and found my pussy was already wet with anticipation. I slid my finger between my moist lips and a groan slipped from my mouth. My clit was throbbing, wanting to be touched. I pinched my clit and you could feel it pulse through my fingers.

“Put your cum covered fingers in your mouth,” he whispered.

I tasted my own salted goodness for him. I sucked on my fingers to make sure I got it all. Then I started to massage my pussy again. This time when I brought my hand up, I offered him my fingers.

“Do you want to taste my dessert,” I smirked.

“Haha! As a matter of fact, I do,” he laughed.

Instead of my fingers though, he went for my throbbing pussy. I gasped in surprise of his tongue on my ever-swelling lips. As he licked me up and down, he placed his finger inside me too. Finger banging while licking any girl will make her want to explode. And that I did!

He kept his mouth on my sex while I came. Not a drop was wasted!

“Damn I missed you Quinn,” I said breathlessly. “Can I return the favor?”

“Fuck yeah you can,” he said, kissing me with my cum on his lips.

He got off the bed and stood waiting for me to come over to him. He had grabbed a pillow for me to kneel on. As I knelt in front of him, he grabbed my hair and guided me toward him hardened cock. Instead of just taking him, I licking his fat head and then blew cool air on him.

“Ahhhh, that’s feels amazing.” He threw his head back with a sigh as I repeated this a few times. Finally, he couldn’t take anymore and pushed his hips forward, forcing his cock through my lips. I managed to take half in my mouth before he pulled out and aimed to push forward again. With a few thrusts, I felt him in the back of my throat, wanting to be swallowed. I grabbed his balls while he fucked my mouth with force, but still gentle at the same time.

I waited for the moment I knew was coming. I loved it when Quinn gagged me with his cock. He put both hands on my head and pushed forward past all my defenses until he was in my throat and he held me there until I couldn’t take anymore.

“There’s a good girl. Just breathe baby,” he said as he pulled back out. He gave me a few seconds to breath before he did it again. His cock charged forward and took over my mouth again. Trying to breathe through my nose like he said wasn’t working to well, but I loved the feel of his cock going down my throat.

He pulled out of my mouth and had me get back on the bed.

“Face down, ass up please.” He smacked my ass again, sending a shiver up my spine. I got on my elbows and knees with my face on a pillow waiting for whatever Quinn had in store for me. I felt the bed dip as he climbed up behind me. Taking his fingers, he rubbed my pussy lips and spreading them. He took a few licks and slowly thrust his fingers into my pussy. After a few strokes, he removed his fingers and inserted one into my ass. I was wiggling and moaning as he stretched out my ass. He gave me another smack, harder this time.

“Stop moving.”

After rewetting his fingers with my juices, he put two fingers in this time.

“Spread your legs wider for me.”

As I did, he gave me a harder smack and thrust his steel cock in my pussy to the hilt. With one hand on his hip and two fingers fucking my ass, I felt full as he pumped in and out of me.

“Rub you clit baby.”

I reached under me and started to rub myself in small circles. As he pumped faster, my orgasm was building quickly and so was his.

“You ready baby? I want you to come with me.”

Oh, I was so ready!

After a few more hard pumps into me, he told to cum. I kayseri escort felt it rise and take over as I exploded into a powerful orgasm. I barely felt him still behind me, pumping while finding his own release in my pussy. As I came back down to my senses, I felt him push me flat on my stomach and the collapse half on half off of me, his softening cock still twitching instead me.

We were both breathing heavy like we ran a 5k. After a few minutes lying like this, he finally pulled out of me and pulled me into him. We fell asleep like this, sated and happy.

I woke up first, and slightly turned in Quinns arms to look at him sleep. He perfect as usual. He had long eye lashes and a full mouth that knew exactly what to do to me. I think he knew I was watching me, because he woke a few minutes later with a smile on his face staring right back at me.

Smiling up at him I said, “Hi.”

“Hey baby. What time is it?”

“About 3 in the morning.”

“How about we take a shower and then get back in bed?”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Wait here and I’ll go turn the water on for us.”

He reluctantly removed himself from me and got out of bed. Watching him walk away always made me smile. On top of being tall, tan and handsome, he had a great ass. Quinn has muscles to die for. He wasn’t a “too-big” steroid junkie, but he definitely took care of himself and liked to work out. Weird I know,, but I loved his body so I couldn’t complain.

I heard the shower turn on and after watched Quinn walk back into the room a minute later. Instead of letting me walk, he scooped me up and carried me to the shower. After placing me in the shower, Qunin grabbed my shower gel and started cleaning me from head to toe, carefully avoiding my breasts and pussy. Once he was done, he washed my hair and then conditioned it too. Because my hair is so long, it’s easier to comb through with the conditioner still in it. So he even did that for me. After rinsing me off, he grabbed the shower gel again and cleaned the areas he avoided the last time.

Looking at me with a slight smirk he said, “Turn around and face the wall. Now put your hands on the wall and bend over, spreading your legs.”

I did like he wanted, closing my eyes and waiting for him to touch me. I felt him move behind with his hardening length between my cheeks. He reached forward and soaped up my breasts. He pulled and tweaked them until my nipples were hard pebbles. He then moved to my pussy and started to soap me up there as well. He sled his fingers up and down my lips getting me clean. Moving on to my ass, he soaped me up from front to back until I was panting for him to take to again.

He finally let me stand up and rinsed me off, from my breasts to my pussy and my ass. Once he was done, he had me bend over again, this time using his cock to spread my juices to my ass.

Once he was lined up to my asshole, he asked, “You ready baby?”

“Yes. Please fuck me now,” I breathed.

Knowing it’s been a while since he took my ass, he eased into it slowly. Even when he’s gone, I use my toys to keep my asshole slightly stretched for his return. I’m always tight for him, but I like want to be virgin tight every time he takes me.

Quinn slowly but forcefully feed my ass his cock until he was in all the way.

“Damn, baby! You feel so fucking good. Your ass is squeezing me so tight,” he groaned.

After letting me adjust, he started moving out of me only to start thrusting again. He pulled almost all the way out, until just his swollen head was still in my ass, and then thrust back into me. Not too hard and more forcefully then the first time. After a few more thrust like this, he really started moving in and out of me. With a hand on each hip, Quinn controlled my movements by pushing me forward and pulling me back on his cock. Quinn started moving into me relentlessly, making each thrust harder and harder.

“Play with you clit baby. I’m going to come soon.”

Again reaching for my pussy, I played me myself while he took my ass. My orgasm hit before his and he had to hold my up from falling because my knees started to give way.

“I’m coming too, baby. Your ass is squeezing me so fucking hard.”

I felt it as he came in my ass. He shot jets on come into me, stream after stream. I felt so full of him; I didn’t want him to let me go. He asked me if I could stand up and I did so. He pulled out of him and I whimpered a little because my ass was sore.

“I’m sorry I didn’t go slower for you. I just couldn’t help myself once I was buried in your ass,” he said as he dropped down to his knees behind me.

“It’s ok baby. You felt so good in my ass that I didn’t want you to stop. What are you doing down there?”

He sat on his knees behind me parting my ass cheeks with his hands.

“I’m watching my cum drip out of your ass. You look so fucking hot right now. I think I might have to eat you again.”

Before I could make a sound, his tongue dove into my pussy and he started to fuck me with it. He put his fingers on my clit as well, pinching and massaging it with expertise! Oh the thing Quinn could do with his mouth. My orgasm started building again soon and I was ready to explode again.

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