My Weekend’s Left Turn Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Thank you to WildFire Cowgirl for her help with editing. More chapters to come.


I stood leaning against the doorjamb of my walk-in closet, gazing at the clothes that hung there, trying to decide what to wear. Tonight was date number three with Ian the Accountant. He wasn’t actually an accountant. I didn’t really know what he did for a living, only that he owned his own business. That name which I called him (in my own head) came from the fact that so far our first two dates had been very straightforward and by the book. A nice dinner, an after dinner drink, then a walk to my front door with a gentle kiss goodnight, no tongue. This surprised me, as it doesn’t seem to go with the Ian that I first agreed to go out with. That Ian, the one with the gorgeous looks and the sexiest voice I’d ever heard, that Ian had a slight aura of danger about him, a look of arrogance in his bearing and maybe even a little feel of dominance in his demeanor. Unfortunately, I’d only seen glimpses of that Ian on our two dates. He’s been perfectly courteous, but a little too bland for me.

Well, I’m not sure what book he’s following, but in my book, a third date means one thing, and I hadn’t yet decided if that was what I wanted. What I had decided was that this date was going to end one of two ways…with me in Ian’s bed, or sending him on his way for good. Which brought me to my indecision on what to wear: leather mini-skirt and Jimmy Choo’s or beige slacks and pumps.

As I chewed my bottom lip in indecisiveness, I heard my flat mate, Danny, come up behind me.

“Haven’t yet figured out what to wear for your hot date with Edgar?

“His name is Ian, and no,” I answered without turning around.

“Well,” Danny whispered in my ear, having moved up directly behind me, “either way, this is going to have to come off.” As trabzon escort he said this, his hand trailed along my shoulder and down my arm, moving the silky fabric, as his mouth followed in its wake. He rained small kisses in the hollow of my collarbone, sending shivers down my spine.

“Danny, Ian will be here in half an hour,” I whispered, but despite my words, my head fell back against his chest, tilting to give his lips more access.

This, right here, was the main reason that I was having such a hard time deciding what to do about Ian. Three months ago, Danny and I, friends and roommates for more than two years, were enjoying a night in together, and shared a couple bottles of wine, followed by some tequila, and talk turned to sex. We both realized that we were each between partners and having a bit of a dry spell. After all that booze and talk of sex, I guess it wasn’t much of a surprise how the night ended. What was a surprise was the lack of awkwardness the next morning, and the decision that we would be roommates with benefits until one of us found someone else. Just friends, sex, and no strings.

But now that I was contemplating sex with Ian, sex with Danny had to stop…and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that.

Danny’s right hand had moved the silk so that my robe hung off my shoulder, exposing my breast. I could feel the cool air on it for just a moment before his hand came around to reach underneath and lightly stroke it, moving ever so slowly toward my nipple. At the same time his left hand was at my waist, gently rubbing the silky material, slowly moving toward my belly. The feel of the silk gently gliding against my skin was almost too sexy to take. I groaned low in my throat.

“Danny….” I whispered.

“Shhh,” he answered just as huskily, “Don’t worry, Jen, we have plenty trabzon escort bayan of time for my plans.” As he said this, his right hand had finally zeroed in on my nipple; fingers circling it over and over as his left hand, splayed across my stomach, slowly began to pull up my short robe. I was naked under the robe and the feel of the silk as it dragged against my exposed clit made me take a quick breath in.

“Oh God, Danny. This is a bad idea,” I could barely get the words out, and there was no conviction in them.

His right hand had moved to my other breast, stroking, circling. I groaned again. “Danny…ahhh….” His left hand stopped pulling up the robe when it was just barely covering my pussy. I wasn’t sure why he stopped short of his goal, when he slowly rubbed the silk against my slit with his middle finger.

“Oh my God!” My knees went weak and I sagged against him.

“That’s right, sweetheart, give it to me. Tell me how you love it.”

“Oh God, Danny. I can’t take it.”

His right hand was no longer gently circling, but was now pinching and rolling my nipples, first one, then the other, as his left hand was rubbing my clit through the silk robe. I was so drenched I could actually feel it dripping down my thighs.

“God, Danny, don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.” I was panting now and slowly humping his hand.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.” A small part of my brain heard the double meaning in this, but I was too far gone to focus on anything so deep right now.

He finally moved the silk away to give himself direct access to my pussy. He plunged his first two fingers in, while continuing to circle my clit with his thumb. God, this is why Danny is so hard to give up. He’s got more talent in his fingers than any guy I’ve ever come across.

“That’s escort trabzon it, baby, ride my hand.”

Holy shit, he turns me on when he talks like that.

“Fuck my pussy, Danny. God, give me those fingers. Oh god, it feels so good.”

I was uncontrollable, twisting my hips so hard on his hand. His thumb circled my clit as he squeezed and pulled my nipples. My head was moving back and forth against his chest. At some point I must have reached up to him, and I realized that had a death grip in his hair.

“Are you ready to give it to me, baby?”

I panted, “Yes, yes.” I couldn’t get out more than that.

“NOW, Jen, cum for me NOW!”

At his words my body exploded. My hips thrust out as I convulsed, gripping his hair with my hands and his fingers with my pussy. He continued to rub my clit, extending my orgasm for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, I began to come down, slowly collapsing into myself; Danny’s arms around me the only thing holding me upright.

I sagged in his arms, breathing heavily. He whispered, “I wanted you to have a little something to think about on your date tonight.”

It takes a moment for his words to sink in. Then my eyes open wide and I shoot up.

“Holy shit…Ian! What time is it?”

“Don’t worry, cupcake, you have a few minutes. You’re going to Tammy’s birthday party tonight, right?”

I frantically dug through my clothes, trying to make a quick decision, while internally berating myself for what just happened. What was I thinking? Ian will be here any minute. God, what if he had showed up early? I’m sure they could hear me scream three doors down.

“What?” I asked, distractedly. “Oh, yeah, we’re going to Tammy’s party.”

“Wear the black leather mini with you stilettos,” Danny said, “and no panties.”

My head whips around in shock.

“I believe the score is Jenny one, Danny zero. I think quick and easy access would be in everyone’s best interest, don’t you? See you at the party.”

I stared at him, speechless, as he strolled out of the room.

Just then the doorbell rang.

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