Mystery Fuck.

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Sweaty bodies packed tight and hot. Amplified rock, extra loud in the balcony. Billowing smoke through colored lights, two parts pot one part tobacco.

Just how Carly liked it.

She felt the thrum of the bass through the iron rails. There were seats in the balcony, but everyone was crunched to the front.

Her boyfriend Lee passed her a joint. She took a deep hit and passed it to Jake, Lee’s best friend.

They were all bare-armed, sweaty, and dancing as room allowed — and there was no room. Still, Carly managed to light a cigarette.

She found some room by leaning over the railing. Then a guy behind her began rubbing his dick on her ass.

At least he has rhythm, thought Carly. She rubbed her ass back on the mystery dick, which swelled and began dry humping her ass crack.

Lee passed her another joint, and she took another deep hit before passing it to Jake. Holding the hit, she slowed her ass-humping.

So the nameless man behind her pulled up the hem of her yellow sundress and freed his dick from his fly.

Holy shit, thought Carly. His large hand fumbled down, found the gusset of her panties, and pulled them aside. Yup, her pussy lips were quite wet, a probing trabzon escort finger found.

“Oh!! O-ahh!!” cried Carly. Quite loudly, too.

But everyone there was yelling, so nobody noticed.

“Wah-hoo!!” said Lee.

“Hee-yah!!” added Jake.

She had to widen her stance — she now had a long thick cock stroking her pussy lips. It was getting all lubed up, and the ridge of the head kept flicking her swelling clit.

Carly was a small thin woman, and the man had to bend his knees to reach her twat. He must have strong legs, she thought.

Her clit began to throb. Her cigarette fell from her fingers. (Who knows upon whom it landed?) She felt his wiry pubes on her ass and his tumescent balls bounce on her thighs.

Lee passed her another joint. It was just barely short enough to excuse her dropping it. (Who knows whom it fell upon?) “Hey!” said Jake. Carly clutched the thrumming iron railing with one hand and moved the other under her hem.

She fingered the thrusting cock head, which was dripping and sticky. It was cut, and she felt with her thumb how thick the ridge of the dickhead was.

A big hot ol’ dickhead? Slathered in her own pussy juice? trabzon escort bayan Dribbling pre-cum? Carly knew what to do with that!

With a shift of her hips and a shove from her hand, she slipped the cock up into her. Mmm, it was nice and thick. He began humping hot and hard. She tried to keep her fingers on her clit.

“Waugh! Waugh!! WAUGH!!!” said Carly.

“Hoo! Hoo!! HOO!! said Lee.

“Gar! Bangor!!” said Jake.

But she had to grasp the thrumming iron railings with both hands, he fucked her so hard. It was great! He never quite got his whole cock in, but he still overfilled her. He was humping five or six inches in and out with each hump. Oops! There was an eight in!

She noticed her messy right fist, covered in pre-cum and Carly juice. This must be pungent! she thought. He was humping her hard and she was starting to gush. She saw that Lee and Jake were sweaty and reeking, and hadn’t noticed that she was fucking.

The atmoshere wasn’t all air, still she tried to catch a glimpse of her lover. In time to their fucking, in time with Lee and Jake’s dancing, she swung her head around trying to see him. Carly’s head swung back and forth. She didn’t escort trabzon see him.

He skillfully ducked her every attempt. She only succeded in lashing Lee and Jake with her long, straight, dark-blonde hair. They liked it, took it for sexy dancing. When her hair beat their bare arms, sweat spattered.

So she came. Her cunt muscles pulsed on his cock, and she bathed his cock and balls (and pants) in nectar. So he came, with several short sharp thrusts.

Her belly felt warm. He pulled out and withdrew into the crowd. She never saw his face.

Lee handed her another joint, and she took it with her left hand. After taking a deep toke, she mimed apology when handing it to Jake. He took it, but was still mock cross.

As Carly licked her right hand clean, she mused that Jake would be more angry than Lee about her mystery fuck: Lee had fucked her many times, but Jake had never fucked her and never would.

Jake drove them home. Carly and Lee did a sixty-nine in the back seat, with her on top. He had a nice fat dick, she mused as she sucked his head and squeezed his balls. Just not as fat. Lee didn’t know it, but he was eating mystery cum. Her favorite part of all.

Carly had a fleeting thought about Jake. It was brief and unimportant to her. “My boyfriends eat other men’s cum. Out of my cunt. They don’t usually know. You, Jake, wouldn’t like that.”

Perhaps he could have learned to live with it, though. He might have wanted to try.

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