Nick Watches Jenny

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Nick Watches Jenny
Since my wife Jenny confessed to me about her cravings and urge to suck strange cock when I wasn’t available, some elements of our sex life have actually heightened. It is strangely hot to have her recant the details of her “Blow and Go’s” while she worships my own cock. I am sure that most have seen Jenny’s photos posted on various porn and swinger sites. For the unlucky few that haven’t seen her, Jenny is a 5’ 10” fair skinned 55 year old blonde with natural D-cup tits and drink coaster-sized areolas. She is truly beautiful. I feel her sexiest feature is her mouth. She has full-ish lips, perfect white teeth, a killer smile and a talented long tongue that is willing to go everywhere! Having my own personal porn-like MILF giving me an expert blowjob is truly awesome, but now add in her dirty talk about picking up random guys for a quick blowjob and it puts me over the edge.

This time she told me about picking up a late 40’s guy inside the Parkway rest area. She admitted that he was not good looking and mostly balding, but it was clear that he had a nice physique not so well hidden under his sweater and tight jeans. While in line for coffee, Jenny said he was pleasant and a bit charming with some brief small talk. He insisted that she go in front of him, she suspected that he wanted a non-obvious clear view of her, which of course she didn’t mind. Jenny said that at one point, as the line moved forward, she faked a stumble to lean back against him and take a not so subtle grab of his crotch. She told me his cock seemed to be a good size and was hard. Jenny has that instant affect on most guys. Then, standing and waiting with her coffee in hand, as this guy walked out with his cup, Jenny said, not asked, “Let’s go to my car so I can suck that hard cock.”

Jenny said he blushed, smiled then quickly looked all around, perhaps for a camera crew or people to yell April Fools! He looked back at her and exclaimed, “Awesome! Yes, let’s go.” On the walk to her car Jenny quickly explained her rules. No talking, no kissing, this would be a one-time thing so no exchange of numbers or anything like that. That was part of her code and justification so that in her mind it was not really cheating, just more like a single use of an ultra realistic toy that supplied her with fresh, hot cum as well.

In her car, sitting in the driver’s seat, Jenny leaned over to unbuckle his belt. When she had his jeans fully open, she told me there was a quite impressive bulge in his briefs that made her pussy wet. She instructed him to pull his jeans further down. As she pulled his underwear’s waistband down to unveil his cock, to discover a big, thick cock, which was unfortunately covered and surround by hair. Jenny joked to me that the hair must have migrated there from the top of his head…LOL Jenny told him that was a deal breaker. She will not suck a cock, or eat a pussy, that has a lot of hair. His look of devastation was obvious. Jenny explained that if she likes the guy and more so likes the cock she will sometimes make an alternate offer. She told him that she will take off her top and he could stroke his own cock and cum on her tits. His excitement returned as Jenny removed her top and bra exposing her luscious, twin cum targets. He wasted no time in stroking his cock with his right hand. After two minutes, the guy made a half turn to his left, arched his back and unloaded several cum blasts onto her big boobs. Jenny told me that two of the spurts partially landed on her face by her mouth and chin which she quickly licked up. That put her into overdrive. As he emptied and rolled back into the passenger seat, Jenny leaned back over to suck his hairless, mushroom cock head to get the last drops and clean it. While the guys get what they want, Jenny insists that it is all about what she wants and needs.

Jenny pulled back and dismissed her latest prey, “Thank you. Have a sexy day.” The guy understood, pulling his pants back up casino siteleri and exiting the car without a word.

When Jenny got to the part of her sucking the guys fat cock head clean, I unloaded my cum, first onto her face and then she swallowed my cock and rest of my spewing cum. Right after, she crawled up alongside me to give me a brief kiss with some of my cum left in her mouth. I do enjoy cum kissing my gorgeous, dirty slut wife. She then said she was going to the bathroom to clean up. I instructed her, “No. Lay here next to me with my cum on your face. You look even more sexy and slutty.” As we lay in bed talking, I shared with Jenny, “I think I want to watch you on one of your blow and go’s. I want to see how you do it.”

Jenny, looking confused, responded, “Wait. I thought we agreed that I was only going to do that when I had a craving and you weren’t around for me. If you’re there I don’t need or want another cock. I want you and your cock always.”

“Yes, but you look so sexy with my cock in your mouth. I can only imagine seeing your lips around another cock. Plus your stories are hot, so I want to see for myself with a front row seat,” I told her. We then made plans for an outing.

The day had arrived. Jenny was dressed in heels, black slacks and a buttoned blouse. That was a look she wore often at work or a family function, but for this occasion she substituted a deep red lipstick for her typical gloss. She also opened an extra button on her blouse. Viola! Jenny transformed from simple and casual to slutty in two simple steps. I had Jenny drive us in her car to add to the authenticity. We entered a nice, upscale bar. We sat at a pub table across and down from the bar seating. After two rounds of drinks and some sexy, playful chat, Jenny asked, “Are you certain that this is what you want? I would much rather suck your cock tonight.”

I smiled and said, “Get to work my cock slut. I want to see you in action. I want to see my sexy wife sucking a stranger’s cock like a porn star.”

Jenny immediately had her super horny, glazed look in her eyes. She leaned over and kissed me deeply, then seductively whispered in my ear, “The next time I kiss you will be after I suck another guy’s cock and swallow his cum.” With that, she headed to the bathroom to reapply her cock-sucking red lipstick. My dick was rock hard.

Jenny returned and went directly to the bar. She sat next to a smartly dressed 50-ish guy in a suit with his tie loosened. He bought her a drink. After several minutes, Jenny left her seat and the guy. Looking back towards me, she shrugged her shoulders, smiled and blew me a kiss. I would learn later that when Jenny suggested they go to her car for a BJ he turned her down thinking it was a trap set up by his suspicious wife. Jenny carried her drink and found a seat next to another guy. In less time, she left this second guy. She eventually told me that she forwardly asked him about his cock. He admitted that he was hairy and never manscapes. That turned Jenny off. She found one last guy on his own back at the other end of the bar near the first guy in the suit. This third guy looked very young from what I could see. Jenny chatted with him. He ordered her a drink. From my somewhat limited vantage point, I could tell that she was comfortable with him, talking and laughing while placing her hand inside his upper thigh close to his crotch. The first guy was watching them intently. I imagine here regretted his missed opportunity. Finally after ten minutes, they left the bar stools. Jenny led him over to me.

She updated me, “Nick, this is Brad. I explained my rules and told him that you would watch me suck his cock in the car.” The young man looked like he was in his mid twenties, but Jenny told me afterwards that he was 35. He had reddish brown hair. He was thin and at about 6’ 3” he was a couple of inches taller than me. Trying to conceal his excitement, Brad sheepishly said hello.

I paid my tab canlı casino and the three of us walked toward the exit. Glancing over my right shoulder, I did notice that the guy in the suit still was focused on Jenny and probably lamenting about what could have been. Jenny and I walked side by side across the parking lot with Brad right on her heels. Jenny instructed him to get into the front passenger seat as she went around to her driver’s seat, positioned as she would be for this, typically. I hopped into the back and tried to figure my best vantage point. Jenny wasted no time leaning over to unbuckle his belt. As we agreed beforehand, she was to give me a literal blow by blow detail since her hot dirty talk extremely turns me on. Jenny announced, “Nick, it feels like Brad has a nice, big hard cock.” I realized, with them in the front, I would not really be able to see much. I briefly thought about suggesting that we change seats, but I didn’t want Jenny to lose momentum. As I heard the zipper go down and saw Brad shimmy to get his pants down, Jenny said, “Oh Baby, it’s a nice cock. It’s shaved clean and very thick. Are you sure you want me to suck this cock.”

The car was literally and figuratively heating up. The sexual tension was high, but I still clearly noticed that Jenny went from referring to Brad as a person to simply “this cock” validating her insistence that there is zero emotional attachment on her part. “Yes, my slut. Suck his cock and swallow his cum. Is your pussy wet?”

She replied, “Yes! It’s very wet from having my mouth so close to this fat cock, but more so from knowing that you are watching me.” I heard her moan and slurp. She narrated, “I am licking this cock up and down from the head to its balls.” Then Jenny announced, “Nick, this cock is not as long as yours, but it’s thicker. I am putting my mouth on it now. HMMMMMMMMM.”

I excitedly watched my wife’s head bob up and down. She started slowly, but soon increased the pace. I resisted the urge to pull my own cock out to stroke it, knowing I was next. Brad exclaimed that he was about to cum. Jenny continued. I watched this stranger arch his back and grab Jenny’s hair as he unloaded his cum in her mouth. Jenny’s mouth never left his cock, but she slowed her bobbing again as she swallowed the load and sucked his cock dry, a technique I was very accustomed to. When Jenny finally sat back up she coldly said to Brad, “Okay you can leave now. Thank you.”

Brad and I both exited our doors. As he stepped away and I stepped toward the front he said, “Wow! She is fucking hot. You are one lucky guy.”

I proudly replied, “Yes, she is and I most certainly am.”

I sat and closed the door. Jenny leaned over to kiss me. I demanded, “Put your dirty slut mouth on my cock, not my lips.” She complied.
Jenny began to undo my pants to give me the same service that Brad was just treated to. She asked, “Was that hot for you? Did you enjoy watching your submissive wife suck a stranger’s cock?”

I answered, “Yes, that was super hot. I only wish I could have seen more. I would have liked to actually see his cock in your sexy mouth.” She moaned as she started to blow me. Jenny had told me that two cocks are the most that she has ever sucked within a short time frame. Knowing that, I suggested, “I’ll tell you what. If you impress me with a great blowjob right now, on the way home we’ll stop at the ABS so I can watch you, up close, suck a strange cock. Do you want to have a third cock cumming in your mouth tonight?” She looked up, smiled big and nodded yes with joy. Then, like a highly enthusiastic Olympic athlete, Jenny attacked my cock. With my cock in her mouth, she managed to reach over and recline my seat all the way back. She then spread my legs and licked me tip to base. She sucked my balls while lightly stroking my cock. Jenny even tried to rim my ass, but angles and space wouldn’t allow that. Her BJs are always exceptional, but she definitely stepped it kaçak casino up a bit. As you might imagine, even with this familiar mouth pleasuring my cock, I too didn’t last long. As I came, I said, “That’s it, my cock slut. Swallow my cum. You are such a good cocksucker.” I am not sure which was louder, her slurping or her moaning.

We switched seats. I decided to drive, especially since Jenny was a bit tipsy. She told me how good that felt and how excited she was and was still very horny. I played with her very wet pussy while we drove. Within a few blocks, she orgasmed and squirted on my hand and the seat. For the rest of the drive I told her what I wanted her to do. We parked in the ABS lot. Jenny fished out a black lace mask from her glove compartment. I laughed and smirked. Upon entering, she had a pep in her step like we were on a shopping spree. After a trip around the book store looking at movies, toys and lingerie, we headed to the booths in the back. A group of five guys followed us. With the authority of a drill sergeant, Jenny ordered, “Okay, let me see your cocks so I can pick one to suck.” She inspected them all and settled on a chubby older guy with a long, shaved cock. Jenny told him to go into the booth and we went into the adjacent one.

Once inside, I put money in the video machine, not to watch, but to add some lighting. The guy’s cock appeared through the gloryhole. As planned, Jenny took off her mask and top and dropped to her knees. She grabbed his cock with both hands, looked over her shoulder and up to me, presenting it like a butcher showing a customer a slab of roast beef for inspection. I nodded yes. Jenny proceeded to lick and suck this prize cock. I leaned over. With my right hand I played with her right boob while I stroked her silky blonde hair with my left. She moaned among all the attention. My face was now close to hers. She removed her mouth and kissed me. He mouth was dirty with the taste of cock and cum, but it was still one of the sexiest kisses we have ever had in our 30+ years together. She then went back to work on the protruding cock. Soon, he began to cum. I kept her head on his cock with slight force, but she had no intention of retreating until she swallowed it all. When finished, he muttered a thank you and Jenny rose. She realized, that once again I was not interested in kissing her. As she turned for her clothes, we both noticed a large dark cock flop through the hole. She looked at me with a quizzical what the heck face and I pushed her back down to her knees. The cock was both long and thick. Based on the color we figured the guy was black or Hispanic. Jenny went to work on it as best she could. With not much more than the head going in and out of her sexy mouth, she stroked the full shaft with her left hand. She placed her right hand on my crotch. Feeling that it was fully erect again, she undid my belt and pants skillfully and quickly. Now my hard cock was at the side of her face. Jenny now had her left hand on this massive cock and her right hand on mine. She them began to take turns sucking on the adjacent cocks. I must admit that while I know that I have a decent sized cock, I felt tiny next to this one. Almost in unison, we both were about to cum. Jenny stopped sucking and stroked each of us faster. In control, she aimed both streams of cum toward her face and tits. Since this was my second load of the night I did not have much to offer, while the stranger plastered her face with his thick gooey cum. Once finished, Jenny licked him quickly then turned her full attention to me and my cock, sucking it clean. During this, the guy pulled his big cock back into his own booth and simply said, “WOW!”

Finally, we composed ourselves. Jenny told me how much she loves me and everything that we do. As she dressed, I told her to leave the gobs of cum on her face and put the mask back on. We left the booth and ABS arm in arm as all watched our exit.

So far it has been great fun having a beauty queen wife that his respected and beloved by all our family and friends, that I can also have as my personal cock slut to give me all the sexual adventures any many could want. I truly have the best of both worlds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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