Nishi , Gaja Ch. 04

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Here is the final story in the Nishi and Gaja series for a while. I’m not sure if there will ever be another since I have other story themes I want to explore.

In this story, Nishi and Gaja decide to invite Sarvesh and Amita to their house. They realise that this older couple are interested in them and would like to take things further. They also realise how much this older couple have done for them. They decide in invite them for dinner and a evening of one-off fun.

But things don’t go quite as they had carefully planned and soon Nishi and Gaja wonder who is giving who a night of fun.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Part Nine – The Truth Behind Getting Caught by Sarvesh.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Jumping forward a few months, Gaja and Nishi had continued their relationship. Usually meeting once or twice each week. From time to time, they managed to get together at either his room at the hotel/club or her apartment in the town. The sex on those nights was always special and always great. They were very happy with each other and felt themselves growing closer.

Sarvesh had invited them to join the nude weekends and they had gone a couple of times. While nudity wasn’t a problem for either of them, the feeling they might be expected to do more was a problem. One afternoon the younger woman Kalki, had made a particular effort to seduce Gaja. Both Nishi and Gaja had felt uncomfortable about that. In the end, they approached Amita and Sarvesh, saying to them, they didn’t wish to continue with the nude weekends.

“You know you are always welcome and nothing is expected from you,” Amita had tried to reassure them.

She was right in that, but she was wrong in saying no one had ever asked or pushed them to do more. Someone had but they didn’t feel they wanted to disclose that to Amita. Both knew that the sexual tension and expectation was there, kept hidden behind the scenes.

Gaja said, “I know that but we still wanted to do our own thing.”

“That’s fine,” Amita had finally agreed. “But just remember, you both are always welcome.”

“Thanks,” Nishi had replied, giving Amita a hug.

Amita got a quick hug from Gaja too which was kind of a surprise.

Gaja and Nishi remained friends with Sarvesh and Amita, visiting them and seeing them regularly.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

As time went on, Gaja and Nishi began discussing living together. In Southern India, that still wasn’t common and they knew if others, like neighbours, found out they were unwed there could be problems. Gaja came up with the best solution when he asked Nishi to marry him. Of course, you will not be surprised to know that she quickly had said, “Yes.”

But things weren’t as easy as that and their marriage plans never moved forward much because they knew they had no money for a big wedding or a wedding of any kind for that matter. Nishi’s family certainly weren’t going to help her since it was her who had left her first husband. Even though her husband had been harsh to her, it is often considered the woman’s fault. Unfair, but that is the way it was seen in Southern India. So, they couldn’t live together, couldn’t get married, what to do? Things were left in a bit of an impasse. It was left to them grabbing nights together whenever they could but that arrangement wasn’t ideal either.

One day, the woman in the apartment next door had said to Nishi, “I see your boyfriend stayed last night again.”

Nishi was shocked but when she told Gaja he was angry and said, “She should mind her own business.”

Nishi agreed with him but replied “What can we do other than try to be more careful next time.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

A few weeks later, they received an invitation from Amita, for dinner at the Big House. This felt a bit strange because this was their old working place and they knew the other staff would be there but they accepted anyway.

As Amita suggested, they arrived early and had drinks out beside the pool. Sarvesh knew they both liked swimming, it was arranged for them to do so. Since other staff were present in the house, Nishi had to wear her swimsuit under some shorts and a T-shirt, of course.

Dinner would be served later at a table set out near the pool. During the early evening, it was nice out there and Sarvesh had said it was more private to talk. Yes, it had been made clear that they had been invited there for a purpose but that purpose was yet to be revealed.

During the afternoon, Nishi and Gaja had been told about some history of the nude weekends and how it had evolved a long time ago from a series of letters between Shanti and a man from India, called Joseph. That sounded a bit familiar to Gaja considering what had happened between him and Shanti. (See Nishi and Gaja Chapter One.)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“Joseph? Was that the man at the top of the stairs, the night I visited Steve?” Nishi asked.

“Yes, he saw you a couple of times and came to tell me,” Sarvesh said. “We came back to investigate and erotik film izle was just in time to see you disappear into Steve’s room.”

“I thought it was just, I accidentally met you on the stairs, afterwards,” Nishi said.

“No Nishi, Joseph and I knew something was going on before then. I was planning to talk with Steve the next day and then with you so I went back to the lady I had in my bed. But later I still felt uneasy about the house and so decided to take a walk downstairs. It was when I was coming back up that I met you.”

“I got a surprise at seeing you that late and knew I was in trouble,” Nishi added.

Sarvesh continued, “Yes, your hair was wet so it was obvious something had been going on. You had been in Steve’s room for quite a while.”

That surprised Nishi. She didn’t know she’d been caught before she even got to Steve.

“I was very annoyed,” Sarvesh said. “You know the ruling, staff are not allowed inside the main house after their duties are finished.”

“I thought you were going to fire me, Sarvesh.”

“I did consider it.”

“Why didn’t you?” Amita asked.

“I knew Nishi’s history,” Sarvesh explained looking at Amita. “She’d had a rough time with her marriage. I just felt I could give her another chance.”

Amita reached over and patted her husband’s arm. “You are a good man, Sarvesh.”

He smiled and patted her hand back, “Remember that, Amita. Next time you are annoyed with me.”

Nishi smiled. She was enjoying the closeness she was seeing between this couple and hoped one day she and Gaja would be the same. A relationship built on love and trust. That was what she wanted too.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was then that Gaja picked up his handphone. “There is more about Shanti too. Nishi knows so you two might as well know too.”

He handed his phone over so Amita and Sarvesh could read the correspondence Shanti had with Gaja.”

“So, there was something between you and her,” Amita said. “We wondered if there was.”

“That damn woman!” Sarvesh exclaimed.

“Calm down, honey,” Amita told him. “It happened after Shanti and Gaja had left here. So it’s not our business.

“But I told her to behave herself.”

“She never listens to you, Sarvesh. You know that.”

“Head-strong woman!”

“I think it was sexy,” Nishi said. “Look at the photos they swapped.”

Amita and Sarvesh were flicking through the photos that had been swapped.

“Nice cock,” Amita laughed. “No one sends me texts like that.”

“Now, you calm down Amita. Stop lusting after Gaja again,” Sarvesh told her.

They both laughed while Nishi and Gaja looked at each other in surprise.

Gaja was wondering about why Sarvesh had said that. He also noticed the word ‘again.’ So, it appears it wasn’t the first time Amita had shown some interest in him. Lusting? What was that about?

Nishi had noticed it too. An idea came to her. She thought she and Gaja would talk about it later.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Yes, during dinner, it was a bit funny with people they had known and worked with bringing out their food and serving them. Not that anyone on the staff was surprised because it had been spread around that Sarvesh wanted to have another meeting with Gaja and Nishi. Some business project he was doing with them it was thought.

Over dinner Sarvesh told them about the Letters Books and unknown to the younger couple, Amita and Sarvesh were intending giving them a full copy of all the Letters Books which would surprise them.

During that evening, after the meal was over, Sarvesh had shown them one of the Letters Books and read out a sexy story about some people doing a gardening project that turned into a sexy orgy. (See Story/Letter 73 Mud, Rain and Sex.) “That was a long time ago,” Sarvesh told them, “but we are still adding stories into the books.”

“I’d like to see these books,” Nishi said. “They sound like fun.”

“They are, Nishi,” replied Amita. “A lot of fun.”

Then Gaja said something that surprised Nishi. “Are we mentioned in these books?”

“Yes, actually you are. That is why we invited you here tonight.”

“Really?” gasped Nishi.

“Yes, it is mentioned that Shanti had an interest in Gaja. It was noticed by both Amita and I that she was teasing you during that meal.”

“Yes, it was a distraction. I was just trying to do my job.”

“Sorry about that,” Sarvesh said. “You must understand, we don’t have much control over what Shanti does.”

“What about me?” Nishi asked.

“I’m just getting to that,” Sarvesh said. “Steve has submitted a story about your night with him. Shanti wants us to ask you if it can be added to the Letters Books. If you wish we can remove your name and just use ‘the maid.'”

“Is it sexy? Like that the other story?”

“Yes, very. Do you want to see it?

“Yes, could I?”

“We have a draft copy here. Do you want me to read it?”

Nishi agreed and so Sarvesh read Steve’s story. Nishi was surprised at the detail but she felt it was a good film izle story. She had never told Gaja the full details of what had happened that night, just that she had gone to Steve’s room and had sex with him. She looked over at Gaja now and saw he was smiling.

“Well, what do you think?” Sarvesh asked.

“It is good. I like it,” Nishi said.

“Can we add it to the books?”

Nishi thought about that for a few moments. “Who will read it?” she asked.

“Mostly it’s those who came to the wedding. They all have their own copy.”

“Ok, then. As long as it won’t be published anywhere. You can add it.”

“Are there any changes you want to make? Anything to add?” Amita asked.

“I’d have to read it myself.”

“Sure,” Sarvesh said. “Gaja and I are going to play chess on the big outdoor set. Sit over beside us. Amita can help you add anything.”

Nishi wanted to make a few minor changes but mostly accepted the story as it was. Gaja asked if they could have a copy of the finished story. It was then that Amita surprised them.

“Here is your copy,” she said picking up a cardboard box. “Not just Nishi’s story. The complete set, from the very beginning.”

Nishi and Gaja were shocked. They weren’t expecting that.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was later in the evening that Nishi told Sarvesh and Amita about wanting to get married but they had no money for a big wedding. Sarvesh suggested a small event held at the Big House. All the staff could be present plus friends from the bank and restaurant. Some family could also be invited it they wanted. Just a simple service followed by a dinner, he had told them.

Amita caught on to the project straight away and before long the young couple found themselves planned a wedding. It wasn’t going to be big but a nice event.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The wedding was a simple affair with a civil official performing the wedding. After that, there was a reception held in one of the other rooms. That evening, Nishi and Sarvesh stayed in the bigger guest room at the far end of the East Wing. It was, of course, known through the house that they were now man and wife since all the house staff had attended.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Part Ten – “I’d Like to do Something Special for Them.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Afterwards, they moved into a larger two-bedroom apartment in the complex where Nishi lived. It was actually part of a wedding gift from Sarvesh and Amita. He had slipped the keys to the new apartment into their present. When they opened the present the following morning, they found a small envelope with “Honeymoon suite” written on it. Inside, they found the keys and a short note explaining that this was their new apartment. Go have a look.

It was on the top floor of Building Two, again overlooking the river.

“We can’t afford this,” Nishi said.

“I think we can. Look at this,” he told her handing her a note left on the kitchen bench.

It turned out that one of Sarvesh’s companies had built and owned this entire apartment complex. She had always thought her rent was very reasonable for the centre of town but just decided Sarvesh must have negotiated a good deal when he found the apartment for her. So, now she knew the truth.

For their wedding present, he had up-graded them to this top floor apartment while still keeping the rent the same as her smaller one had been. Wow! That was so good of him.

That day was spent moving her things up and the following day, Gaja moved in too.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

One day, a few weeks later, they were reading one of the Letters Books. It was Volume Fourteen and they had just received a letter from Amita which contained the final version of Steve’s story, with the changes Nishi wanted and Steve had approved. It was going to be the last story of the volume. The last part of a four-part story. The last part being written by Steve, telling how Nishi had come to visit him.

As has been said above, Nishi had never told Gaja too much about this night other than acknowledging that it happened. It was only when Sarvesh had read it out that he heard exactly what happened. Now he knew and was turned on by what his wife had done. And with a man she hardly knew, that seemed to make it even sexier. Once they had attached the story to the volume, they read it again.

Gaja noticed something right at the end of the story and pointed it out to Nishi. It was the point where Sarvesh says to Steve, ‘Nishi is a hot looking girl. How was it?’

“I think he likes you, Nishi,” Gaja said. “Sarvesh, I mean.”

“I know he does. I’ve seen him checking me out at the nude days too. He’s interested and I’m sure he’d like to try with me.”

“You mean he wants to fuck you?”

“I think so, Gaja. But he has never made any approach. Always been a perfect gentleman with me.”

“Remember what Sarvesh said about Amita lusting after you too.”

“I know. That was interesting. She’s never shown it either,” Gaja said.

“It seks filmi izle looks like they might both want to try with us.”

“They have been so good to us, to you.”

“I know, Gaja. I’d like to do something for him. Something special for them.”

“Why don’t we invite them here for a meal, Nishi. You are a great cook.”

“Just a meal?”

“I was thinking of more,” Gaja said. “That is if you are ok with it.”

“How much more?”

“I know we agreed we wouldn’t get involved with their sexual activities but I am thinking we might make an exception with Sarvesh and Amita.”

“You mean we swap with them? Fuck them?”

“Yes, Nishi. But only if you are completely happy with it.”

“I don’t mind. As long as it doesn’t affect us. It’s a one-off.”

“It will be just a one-off. Nothing more. I still love you, Nishi, not them,” Gaja said, giving her a hug.

This was a big step for Nishi, but not a new idea. She remembered she had thought about it during that dinner at the Big House. It surprised her that her husband was thinking the same thing. But it was a good idea. A good way of thanking them. And would be some fun too. She agreed with the idea.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Later, Gaja sat listening when Nishi rang Amita. She invited Sarvesh and Amita to a special dinner. In spite of their age difference, the other couple were happy to accept.

At the end of the conversation, Nishi had added, “There might be some fun after dinner. Naughty fun! Maybe you might want to stay the night here.”

Amita was silent for a moment. Then they heard her talking to someone. When she responded, “We’re ok with that. Whatever you guys want is fine with us.”

They went on to make the final arrangements but then just as they ended talking, Amita said, “You don’t have to do anything with us. Only if you both really want to.”

“Yes, we know that but we want to make it a one-off with you two.”

“Something special since you’ve been so good to us,” Gaja had added.

“Gaja! Are you listening?” Amita asked. “Sarvesh is here too.”

“Yes, Amita,” Gaja said. “I want this too.”

“Let’s do this, then,” Sarvesh said. “Make it special for all four of us.”

Both Gaja and Nishi got their meaning with that. Yes, they really wanted to do this for them. Really wanted to give this couple a special night. It seems this older couple were as willing too.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Part Eleven – Sarvesh and Amita’s Visit.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

On the day of their invite, Amita had told the house manager, she and Sarvesh were going out for the evening and not expected back until the following morning. She told him they would be taking one of the smaller cars.

“Do you need a driver?” the manager had asked.

“No, it is fine,” Amita replied. “I’ll be driving.”

The manager had looked at Amita and smiled. He knew how much Amita loved diving. “I’ll have a car ready for you, Amita,” he said.

That was strange, the manager had used her first name like that. She looked at him but couldn’t read anything in his face and so chose to ignore it.

When they left the house, there was a car waiting for them around by the guest house with no one around.

Amita was wearing a light coat that covered what she had on underneath. Sarvesh was wearing a dark suit. Different to his usual trade-mark white one. He wanted to blend in and not appear so obvious as to who he was if they were seen.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

(What? Sarvesh without a white suit? Quick, call a doctor! – Shanti.)

(Yes, Shanti. He does have other clothes besides his white suit. Now get out of this story, it has nothing to do with you. – Amita.)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

At the gate to the apartment complex, the gate guard recognised them both.

“Sir,” he said when he saw them.

Amita handed him some notes Sarvesh had given her, “You didn’t see us, did you?”

The guard looked at the money he’d been given, looked back at her and smiled, “Of course, not. Just another visitor was all I saw.”

“We need a discrete place to park if you could suggest something, my good man,” Sarvesh said.

The guard gave instructions as to where Amita could park in the complex.

“Are you married?” Sarvesh asked him.

“Of course, Sir.”

“Well, take your good wife for dinner at the club. Ring first and ask for the Front House Manager. He will arrange it. They will be expecting you. The meal will be fully paid for you, of course.”

“Thank you, Sir… I mean, thank you, just another visitor.”

They laughed as they left him and Amita drove on into the apartment complex.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The guard watched as they drove away. He remembered a visit by Sarvesh a few weeks before. He’d also not been wearing his traditional trademark, the white suit. He had borrowed the master keys to an apartment in Building Two, but he couldn’t remember which one it was. Sarvesh had only been there a few minutes before returning to the gate. The guard wondered if the two visits were connected. But Sarvesh had his wife with him this time which didn’t seem to make sense. Then he looked down at the money in his hand. It was a lot.

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