Ohh La Taxi Free Ride

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It had been another hard night in the village. Napoleons was quiet and id been chatted up by the usual crowd of slightly drunk chancer’s, who would have trouble pleasuring themselves let alone give a girl a good time.

Id called my taxi to collect me and take me home, feeling a little let down at not having pulled another ‘girl’ or a kinky guy. The Manchester weather was fresh and cold the sort that makes your nipples hard, but mine were nice and cosy under my ample silicone breasts, black bra, dress and my zebra print coat, a look I think of as being sultry secretary in a hooker jacket, the best of both worlds.

Taking care not to go arse over tit on the wonky pavement outside the club I climbed in the back of my cab, the ever popular Silver Nissan and off we went. I gave the driver an address that would get me to the end of my street, where I could then slip into my house avoiding any curious neighbours.

I settled down with my phone, checking out the Fab sites for the possibility of any late night hook ups. A quiet night all round it seemed as there were no sensible meet options on line, so I slipped the phone in my purse and did a bit of corrective make up.

Lipstick was just being applied when bang one of Manchester’s best features, a pot hole, bounced the car.

“Whoah tiger watch the holes a girls tidying up her face here.” I exclaimed.

A muffled sorry and a backward look in the mirror was all I got, indeed I thought I was lucky to get the sorry as so many Asian drivers didn’t speak to you at all. I did notice a lot more rear view looks though from him, as I laid on the lippy and glossed my now pouting lips. ( Ok a definite attention grabbing tactic).

I packed away my mirror n lippy and checked him out, no beard about thirty, a rather sweet musky smell to him, not too bad. I struck up a little chat with him leaning forward so I could hear his responses, he was, on all night, drove for his cousins firm and best of all told me I was looking good. Now i’m the same body type as Adele so flattery gets you everywhere, so I said not bad for an old tranny then, and waited for the response. I mean I didn’t want to appear desperate but i didn’t want any confusion either.

“No your well fit gurl” came the response and pendik escort a bit of me melted.

Asif it seemed had picked up in the village before had ‘copped off’ with a tv on occasion. I chanced my hand and asked how a girl could pay off her ride and a little bartering banter took place. By now we were through Middleton on the way to Rochdale and I was certainly getting a little worked up, the conversation was very suggestive and I had a clear idea where it was leading.

We pulled up at the taxi office, no one in the front and we went behind the desk where I assume the cousin was at work on the phones. Asif took me in back where and a few drivers were playing a tile game that I bet wasn’t domino’s (i never did find out) and led me to a back room where at last I got a sweet kiss and a stroked ass.

He was very assertive and wasted no time feeling my stockings and groping my thigh. I felt the bulge in his pants and started to undo his belt and dropping his trousers I knelt down and popped his briefs to one side and nearly got slapped in the face by his pretty cock, it slid into my eager mouth and I felt a gentle hand on the back of my head just helping me to keep it in place.

He started to pump me and the occasional gag reflex added to slurping sounds and the odd groan made the noise we were making audible to the other guys, or so I assumed as a hand lifted my own hand from Asifs butt which id been gripping to help the thrusts, and placed a mamoth cock in it, I pulled off Asif and looked at it , it weighed a ton, like a slab of juicy steak, and I bobbed down on it to see how much I could devour. I kept sucking it’s knob end but there was no way i could get it too far into my mouth, so i switched between the two, going deep on Asif and sucking frantically on the mamouth, pre cum and juices dribbling from my chin.

Eager hands holding my head Asif started to face fuck me, The mamouth took a step back stroking his cock, and Asif started a steady rhythm fast and almost brutal at times, i didn’t need to move I just knelt there and let him use me, there were moments I thought he would pull my wig clean off and his knees started to buckle as exploded into my mouth, I gagged a little and his come not being able to get down my throat actually tuzla escort dribbled out of my nose such was the force behind his spunking load.

I pulled back and stood up, the spunk dribbling down my face. I was tottering a bit, the heels I was wearing being hard enough to walk in when I was all together and at this moment I was far from all together.

Mamouth held out his hand and I took it and in a very gentle tender way he led my back into the game room. Several guys were watching as he led me to the table now clear of the gaming tiles and quite simply he bent me over the table lifted the hem of my dress up over my back and pulled down my knickers.

I stepped out of them and as the table took my weight I spread my legs as wide as I could. The next part surprised me as he then proceeded to force his face between my ass cheeks and started to dart his tongue into my ass, sliding in as far as he could. He really paid attention to my rim and then he started to introduce a finger, pushing it all the way in with one push making me whimper a fair bit. He rose up and something warm and slimy was poured onto my ass and with a few fingers helping it was worked into my hole.

I could see a cock to one side of me and I reached out for it. Was I seeking a distraction from what was happening or was I just being a whore, I didn’t know and didn’t care. The cock came forward and I grasped it, holding it tight and started to wank it. Mamouth had started his fourth finger in my ass and he was building up a steady corkscrew like rhythm, the cock was occasionally forgotten as pain and pleasure started to flood me.

My once rock hard cock was trapped between myself and the table. It was as if i was fucking that table, so hard was Mamouth’s thrusting fist. I couldn’t get a cock into my mouth as the table was so big but now I had a cock in both hands, and I almost smiled as I thought of the skiing analogy. But just at that moment a hefty shove had Mamouth’s full fist in me, I cried out swore, cursed, called him a fucking bastard and begged him to put it further in, so my ass ring could relax around his wrist.

The pain gave way to waves of pleasure as he pushed further in. I could feel his fingers waggling deep inside me, the desire to push back and expel kartal escort him was overwhelming, he pulled out and before I could draw breath he shoved it back in me. One foul shove and thrust as deep as he’d been before perhaps even deeper, then again and again and again. My ass could take no more and I lost control and pee flowed from me over the floor and down my stockings.

He pulled out of me, and in one move Mamouth entered my ass balls deep, the ecstasy cannot be described, after the brutal fisting to be fucked by a smooth hard cock, massaging the linings of my ass stroking it better, as one would rub a sore muscle, the joy of being used of being a sex object, his rhythmic humping of my ass, my now flaccid cock dribbling come, adding to the pee on the floor. I had come and hardly noticed, such were the feelings coursing through my body.

The tell tale jerks in my ass brought me round and I’m sure I felt him pump my ass full of his seed, a heavy load I hoped. He pulled out and I noticed a few camera flashes, how many pics had been taken? I didn’t care, I held open my butt cheeks with my hands to pose for the cameras then lifted myself up and sat ever so delicately on one on the chairs juices and cum leaking onto the seat smothering my ass cheeks.

My skiing partners moved in and I took both in turn, gobbling them eagerly into my mouth sucking them like it was some sort of competition, to see how quickly they could shoot down my throat and how much spunk could fit in my mouth. It wasn’t long before I was rewarded for my efforts as my first filled my hungry mouth, I gulped down the thick heavy globs of come and licking my lips turned to the last only to have him off load straight into my eyes over my nose and hair. He wiped his cock on my cheek and I gave him a proper licking clean before he packed it away.

Some had just watched, some had used me (or had i used them). But i collected my knickers off the floor and picked up my bag. I hadn’t even taken my Hooker coat off. I walked out of the room spunk all over my face and all over my damp stockings showing the white globs on the shiny black nylons. Past the cousin on the phone and past a few customers, who’s look was a sight to behold. My strength returning to my legs, I started to walk up the street toward home, my ass cheeks waddling in the cum from deep within me and my tongue exploring drips of come that I was now wiping from my face and popping into my mouth. I hadn’t paid my fare but was it a free ride?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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