Original Angels Ch. 07

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All characters are over the age of eighteen


Trish and I lay in bed after Teri had walked out of the room. We kissed again and silently recounted the happenings and my comments only moments before. Had I really just asked her to marry me? Would she take me seriously? Could I really follow through with it?

My mind was racing, wondering what Trish might say next, when she moved off of me and proposed that we take another shower together. It seemed a bit odd since we had showered earlier that day, but I readily agreed.

As we got into the shower stall, I noticed that Trish had brought her razor and a bottle of lotion. After soaping each others bodies, Trish spoke to me in a more serious tone.

‘Rob?’ she asked, ‘Do you like my pussy shaved like it is?’

‘Oh yeah! I do.’

She smiled and then put her hand between my legs. ‘Have you ever shaved yourself?’

‘No I’ve never thought about it.’

‘Would you let me shave you?’ she asked as she stroked my soapy dick and balls.

‘I guess so.’ I replied. Didn’t she already know that I was head over heels for her and she could do anything that she wanted to do to me?

She smiled and kissed me and then knelt down between my legs. She eased me down onto the shower seat and spread my legs apart. Then she carefully lathered me up and began to shave my entire groin area. It was a first for me and as she finished removing all the hair, she put some lotion in her hand and rubbed it all over the freshly shorn area. It felt smooth and wonderful and I began to get hard in her hands. She rinsed me again and then took me in her mouth. I relaxed back on the seat and allowed Trish to suck and lick my cock to its full length and stiffness. I sighed and she continued to suck me with a higher level of enthusiasm than before. I put my hand on her head and guided her as she brought me closer to the pending explosion.

‘Ohh!’ I moaned, and she quickened the pace. I felt her fingers softly caressing my balls and stroking nearer to my asshole. That sent me over the edge and my eruption began. Trish never broke stride as my cum spewed deep down her throat in spurt after spurt of creamy love fluid.

As my orgasm came to an end, Trish continued to suck every last drop until I finally became soft in her mouth. The feeling of her tongue licking my hairless cock and balls was like nothing I had ever felt before.

‘Oh God! That was awesome. Will you do that to me everyday?’

‘I will if I can be with you everyday.’ she responded. Now we were getting back to the marriage comment…

‘Trish, you are the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. But this is all happening so fast. I’ve never thought about spending my whole life with anyone else before, but I’ve never felt as close to anyone as I do to you, and I want to be with you every moment for the rest of our lives.’

Trish stood up and pressed her belly to my face. I hugged her and held her close.

‘I’ve been on my own with the girls for a long time.’ She said. ‘I know I can get along just fine on my own, but I feel like there’s something special going on with you. I want to keep it going. I’ve never made marriage a goal in my life, but I really think it might be in our future. Let’s keep getting to know each other and see where it leads. We’ll both know if and when it’s right. But I know one thing. It’s only been a couple weeks that we’ve known each other and I know that I love you. I hope you feel the same way.’

‘I love you too Trish. There’s no doubt about that.’ I hugged her tighter and kissed the mound above her pussy. She pushed against me and then pulled back. She turned off the shower and reached for the towels. I stood up and we began to dry ourselves off. As we did Trish told me about the sleepovers that she and the girls did with Carol here at the resort.

She explained that they had ‘girl parties’ and that it was like some of the slumber parties that she recalled as a teen. She told me how the girls asked her lots of questions about boys and sex. I already knew that she was totally open with them about sexuality so this was not a surprise. She went on to share that she had taught them about masturbation and how to pleasure each other. It was a rather private and secret matter that they shared with each other.

I was afraid that she was going to ask me to go out for the evening so that they could have their little party alone, when Trish shocked me once again.

‘Tonight,’ she said, ‘you should just be an observer and see where things lead. The girls might have questions about boys that you could answer, and if they do, then you should join in. Just see what happens. Is that OK with you?’

I thought for a moment. What could be wrong with observing a mother and her two daughters and another friend having a girl party and talking about boys and sex? And all of them being naked?

‘Sure.’ I replied. What else could I say?

Trish kissed me again. ‘Good.’ She said. ‘I’m sure fixbet we’ll all have a good time.’

Tracy and Teri were waiting in the living room when we came out. Neither one of them said anything about my shaved cock and balls and I couldn’t even tell if they noticed. They did say that they were getting hungry so we left and went over to the cantina.

It was funny, but I felt even more naked after Trish had shaved me, but I soon began to relax and realized that probably nobody even noticed or cared. We sat down and ate a casual dinner while talking about the horse back ride and the girls’ week ahead back in Sedona at work and school. I was very impressed with the girls’ ability to recognize their own responsibilities and to also be able to cut loose and enjoy the freedom of the weekend. I was feeling as though we could all become a family one day. After all, if I was to pursue a marriage with Trish, then Tracy and Teri were going to be a very important part of it too. And who couldn’t love these two adorable teens?

After supper we wandered back to the apartment and Trish, Tracy and Teri all set about to straightening the house for Carol’s arrival and their Saturday night party. Just as they finished, there was a knock on the door. Tracy answered it and Carol entered. They hugged and kissed and then Carol came on in. Trish welcomed her and gave her a kiss also. It was a cordial kiss but I couldn’t help noticing it was square on the lips. Teri stood by and collected a kiss as well. Same way.

We all sat together with me in the side chair and Trish and Carol on the floor while Tracy and Teri sat on the sofa. Trish started with some more small talk, asking Carol about her friends at school and what she was doing with herself. Carol told us that she still didn’t have a real boy friend but that there was one guy who seemed to be trying to spend more time with her than others. She said she was still kind of shy about being alone with a boy and Trish assured her that that was OK and not to worry. And she also warned her that being totally alone with a boy at her age was probably not the best thing to do. Carol agreed and even felt some relief at hearing Trish’s advice.

Then Carol kind of upped the atmosphere in the room. ‘Trish, can I see your gold ring for a minute?’

‘Why sure.’ Trish said and she leaned back and spread her legs so that Carol could get a close look at the ring on her clit. Carol leaned in close and inspected every aspect of the ring. Tracy and Teri got down to get a closer peek too.

‘Did it hurt when you got it pierced?’ Carol inquired.

‘Only for a minute at first.’ Trish answered. ‘You know that your clitoris is very sensitive. So it can hurt a lot when it gets pinched or pierced, but it can also give you a lot of pleasure when you touch it the right way.’

All three of the girls nodded and smiled in knowing agreement. Carol sat back and spread her legs and used her fingers to open her labia and touch her clit. She smiled and sighed softly and then asked, ‘Do you think mine would look good with a ring like yours?’

Trish replied saying, ‘You have to be the one who decides that, but don’t make any hasty decisions. Tracy and Teri know that they can wait to decide about things like tattoos and piercings. There’s never a rush.’

Carol reached forward again and touched Trish’s ring. ‘Does it feel any different when someone touches it?’ she asked.

‘Ohh, it just feels good whenever you touch it.’ Trish answered. Carol continued to stroke and pull on the ring and Trish’s clit. Trish let her know that it felt fine. Tracy got off the sofa and leaned over and began to stroke Carol’s clit at the same time. I looked at Tracy’s open legs. Her lips were puffy and had a slick dampness about them. Her clit was just beginning to pop out of the folds. Teri got down and put her face to Tracy’s puffy pussy and kissed it. Tracy responded by opening her legs wider and Teri pushed her tongue out and commenced to licking her sister in earnest. All of the girls were moaning and sighing and I felt myself beginning to get hard. I instinctively began to stroke myself and then hesitated. I wasn’t sure if it was vanity, embarrassment or perhaps a desire to save it all for later, but I stopped and just watched as the four girls pleasured each other. I pretended that I was just a fly on the wall.

Teri had moved herself around so that Trish could use her fingers to stimulate her and Trish was softly probing her youngest daughter’s warm hole. The four of them continued until they all began heaving and sighing and their pleasure maximized and suddenly they were all experiencing orgasms together.

As the daisy chain broke apart and all of the girls lay sprawled on the floor, Tracy looked up at me and smiled.

‘Did you enjoy watching us?’ she asked with a knowing grin.

I smiled back at her and said ‘That was one of the most erotic scenes I’ve ever witnessed! It was so cool to see you all fixbet giriş enjoying each other like that. I’m still not sure that it really happened.’

‘Did it get you excited?’ she continued.

I tried to hide my apparent embarrassment. “How could I not? I started to masturbate myself but realized that probably wasn’t the polite thing to do.’

‘Oh I’m glad you didn’t.’ Tracy said, ‘I really want to watch when you do!’

Then she turned to Trish and asked, ‘Mom, you said that you would teach us more about safe sex. Can you show us what we need to know, with Rob?’

Trish pondered her daughter’s question for a moment and then stood up to go into the bedroom. ‘I’ll be right back.’

She returned with a small satchel and sat back down on the floor. She proceeded to open the zipper and empty the contents. First she pulled out a long double dildo followed by a vibrator that was about eight inches long and then a very real looking plastic penis. Finally she dumped out a box of condoms. The girls all sat staring at the items on the floor.

Tracy looked up at her mom and sarcastically said, ‘Mom, are you going to tell us that the safest sex is with a fake guy?’

The girls all laughed and I couldn’t help laughing with them.

Trish told them, ‘No, I brought all of these for demonstration purposes, but you sure won’t ever get into trouble if this is what you use for sex!’ They all laughed again. It was so amazing to witness the lightness of the whole evening so far.

She turned to me and said, ‘Rob come down here and lay down beside me.’ I obeyed and eyed each of the girls as they welcomed me to their little circle.

‘Will you be our demo?’ she asked. Without waiting for an answer, she put her hand on my cock. It had returned to a softer state, despite being in the presence of these four beautiful young women.

‘You all can see that right now Rob doesn’t appear to be in an excited state. But I think we can change that.’

Teri interrupted, ‘Are you going to kiss it and suck on it?’

‘No dear, not right now. I want you all to realize how much power you all have over the opposite sex. Rob, see if you can resist this. Now everybody spread your legs open and touch your pussies. Show yourselves to Rob and watch what happens…’

I watched as Carol spread her lips again and stroked her clit. Tracy opened herself wide and used both hands to hold her labia apart and expose her tight hole inside. It was a dark pink from her recent orgasm and it was still slick and wet. Teri was rubbing herself and actually pushed a finger inside of her little hole.

Trish was gently pulling on the gold ring that was attached to her clit. They were all staring at me and I watched as their eyes shifted from my eyes to my cock. With her other hand, Trish was slowly pulling and stroking my dick, and within seconds it began to swell in her hand. The girls’ eyes widened in amazement as they witnessed the transformation of my innocent penis into a solid sex object. I couldn’t help smiling with pride at the sights before me and the obvious reaction that was taking place. In less than two minutes my tool was standing straight and hard and proud and I feared that if Trish didn’t relax, I might start cumming at any moment. Fortunately she did just that. She let go of me and the girls sat watching my stiff cock standing between my legs.

‘Ladies that is what can happen to a man if you let him think that he is going to be involved in sex with you. So don’t just go showing yourselves off casually unless you really mean business!

‘But mom, what about when we walk around outside like we do here all the time?’ Teri inquired.

‘That’s different. This camp is still a social situation, only in the nude.’ Trish continued, ‘As long as you’re not openly advertising and offering yourself for sex, then most men can resist getting worked up like this. But some men will get this way, just by seeing your underwear or up your skirt, if you bend over too far. So always be careful about what you wear, and how you keep yourself covered. You should never put yourself in a position that will encourage a man in a sexual way, unless you are able to control or escape the entire situation. Some men can lose control and then it no longer is about sex, but instead it can turn to violence and rape.’

We all allowed the seriousness of Trish’s warning to sink in.

‘But if it’s sex that you want, then you should know how to do everything you can to make it as pleasurable as it can be for both you and the man. And hopefully, he will do the same for you.’

Trish began to stroke my penis again and it immediately throbbed back into its stiffest state. She reached down with her other hand and picked up one of the condoms. She held up the foil wrapper and asked, ‘Do you all know what this is?’

Teri answered out loud. ‘Is that a condom?’

‘Yes honey, it is. In today’s world this little condom can not only prevent you from becoming pregnant, but with the spread of AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases, it can also save your life. I’m not encouraging any of you to have sex with boys at this stage in your lives, but if and when you do, be sure that you use one of these! It’s no laughing matter and I just pray that you will always remember this.’

Again Teri spoke. ‘Mom do you use one of those all the time?’ She knew that we didn’t from her observation earlier today.

Trish searched carefully for the best answer. ‘Rob and I have discussed our past, and our health matters. We trust each other and we believe that there is no danger of a sexually transmitted disease. Also, there is no chance of me getting pregnant since the surgery that I had last year. So we have made a decision not to use condoms when we have sex. As you get older you will have to decide when you can trust a person enough to make a decision like that yourselves. But for now, do as I say, not as I do. You know I love you all very much, and I wouldn’t tell you something if I didn’t want the very best for you.’

Once again my penis was beginning to soften with the seriousness of the conversation. Trish gave it a little squeeze and a tug. Gazing at Tracy’s open legs also caused it to stiffen again. As it hardened Trish let go and used both hands to open the condom wrapper. She held up the rubber circle so the girls could see it.

‘I’m going to show you a little trick that will always work. There’s not a man alive who will complain about using a condom if you learn to do this.’

Then she put the condom in her mouth and leaned down to my rock hard penis. She held me in one hand as she put her mouth over the top. The warmth and softness made me throb again, but she held me firmly and then I felt her tongue pushing on me and then sliding down the length of my dick as she unrolled the condom with her lips. When she pulled her head back and exposed my cock, it was fully dressed in the transparent rubber sheath.

The girls all cheered with glee at having witnessed Trish’s expertise. Trish smiled and waved my wand for all of them to see.

‘Now he’s ready, so what should I do next?’ she asked.

‘Are you going to have intercourse?’ Tracy asked incredulously.

Trish looked at me and then back at the girls. ‘Would you like to see?’

They all nodded and scooted closer. Trish slid over and lifted her leg across mine. With her back to me and facing the girls she straddled my legs and held my cock with its head just touching the gold ring on her clit. She rubbed it back and forth as I stared at her firm tan ass. She spread her legs a bit more and sat down slowly on my towering condom covered cock. I heard her moaning with pleasure as it slipped deeper inside of her hot wet cunt.

All three of the girls were on their hands and knees inching closer to see me disappear inside of Trish. Tracy was in the center and mostly obscured from my view, but Teri was on my left and I noticed her tiny puffy nipples hanging straight down from her chest. Carol, on my right, was watching our crotches and looking at my face to see my reactions. I smiled and indicated my mounting pleasure as Trish started to raise herself up and then drop down again. I reached out and held her ass cheeks and supported her up and down motion as she continued to fuck me.

Carol leaned over and whispered in my ear. ‘Can I touch you?’

I nodded a yes answer and then felt her fingers as she stroked the base of my cock and the top of my scrotum.

Trish encouraged her and put her hand over Carol’s, and together they stroked my balls. I felt her moving her hand all the way from my balls up to Trish’s clit and Trish ground down harder as Carol’s finger came in contact with her clit and its gleaming jewelry. Trish let go of Carol’s hand and leaned back to allow Carol to continue on her own. I also felt something warm and wet on my cock and I realized that Tracy was now licking me and her mother as we pumped each other towards our climax. Teri got up on her knees and started to kiss and suck on Trish’s nipples. She spread her legs beside me and I reached around and put my hand on her slick little slit. I felt her push down against me and I let my finger slip inside of her. She was hot and wet and I pushed up as far as I could. She started to bounce up and down on my finger in time with her mother’s bouncing on my cock.

Trish was crying with pleasure. I let go of her ass with my right hand and reached for Carol’s breast. I rolled her nipple between my thumb and finger and felt it harden with my touch. She looked at me and smiled with pleasure. Trish kept humping and I felt my orgasm coming on. Trish sensed it and ground down harder. As I began to spew my cum inside the condom, I could feel Trish milking me with her vagina. She held her daughter Teri close to her breast and I felt her cumming in waves as I kept throbbing inside of her. It was incredibly intense and all of us finally collapsed in a sweaty heap on the floor.

As my cock slipped out of Trish and flopped down pointing at the floor with its cum filled tip, Trish told the girls, ‘Now for the messy part.’

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