She Dances on the Sand

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River turned the page of her book and glanced up at the ocean waves, ebbing and flowing on the bright white sand. She traveled a lot for work, but she never minded, because she always found new beautiful places on her journeys. Alone on the beach, the sound of families and friends laughing and chatting turned into a gentle ambient noise, accented by the call of seagulls. The sun was warm, and her face flushed with both the heat and the scenes she read in a steamy romance novel.

It was late afternoon when a young man came over and sat on the sand next to her chair.

“Can I help you?” she asked, shutting her book with a snap and raising her eyebrows.

“Maybe,” he said, scratching his chin. He was in his mid-twenties, like her, with short dark hair, stubble along his chin, and bushy eyebrows. He took a minute to take her in, tanned skin, purple bikini, her straight chestnut hair spilling over her breasts. “Look, this is a shot in the dark, and you can send me away, but I’m getting desperate. My best friend is having his bachelor party this weekend, and we had a stripper coming but she cancelled last minute, and everyone seems to be booked. Would you consider dancing for us if I paid you?”

River looked at him carefully. He didn’t have the face of a pervert, and he actually looked very uncomfortable asking. She wondered if the groom had put him up to it, because this man seemed almost too shy.

River thought about what she had planned for her evening before this young man came over. She was probably going to return to her hotel room, shower, then go to the hotel restaurant to eat alone. If this was a bachelor party, there would be drinks, and it might be fun to dance for and flirt with young men.

“You know I’m not going to be half as good as a professional,” River finally said.

“That’s fine,” he said. “Just a few songs, and you can have a drink with us and go on your way.”

“How much?”

“Two hundred.”

River raised her eyebrows again. That money could bump her up to first class on her flight out Monday morning.

“Okay, I’m in,” she said.

The guy’s face broke into a relieved smile. “You’re a lifesaver. Wes always told me he wanted a real bachelor party, stripper and all, and I didn’t want to let him down.Can you come by in an hour? We’re at that cottage down there.”

He pointed down the beach. There were a few beach houses that were rented out through the summer. They were somewhat secluded from the rest of the beach with fences and palm trees blocking the view. She could see the silhouettes of a few young men down at the beach with their feet in the water.

“Yeah, I’ll see you then,” she said. “I’m River, by the way.”

She held out her hand and he shook it. “Lance.”

She winked at him and he blushed as he turned away. She giggled when he was out of earshot.

She opened her book again, but she couldn’t focus on the words. She was thinking back to those heels classes she had taken. She’d only been to a few, but they had always been fun, making her feel sexy and empowered. She tried to remember some of the moves.

She knew she wouldn’t have to try that hard; drunk men were easily satisfied. But for two hundred dollars, she wanted to give them a good show. After all, the groom would want to relive this party, the last party of his single life, for many years to come. There was something exciting about being immortalized in his memory, a dancing goddess on a white sand beach.

River daydreamed for a while, her thoughts wandering as she looked at the waves crashing on the beach. She jumped in the water one more time, then dried off and headed back to her room. She dropped off her book and beach chair, then she brushed out her hair and put on makeup. She wore a lacy white coverup over her bathing suit, and she took only her purse with her as she left the room.

As she walked down the beach towards the beach house, she could hear the rowdy laughs of young men. A few butterflies fluttered in her stomach, but she shushed them. This was just another party. In her college days, she’d danced on a few tables and had plenty of eyes on her.

When she got close, Lance rushed to meet her.

“I’m so glad you came,” he said. “I was worried you had said yes just to get rid of me.”

River smiled at him. “It sounded like a fun time,” she said. “Introduce me to the rest of the guys.”

Lance led her behind the house where the guys were sitting on wooden chairs in the shade of palm trees.

“River, this is Wesley, our man of the hour. And here’s Tim, Erik, and James.”

She smiled and nodded at each.

“Thanks for coming,” Wes said, shaking River’s hand. He had nice eyes, she thought as she looked at him, and it didn’t surprise her that he had found a woman to marry; there was something about the way his eyes crinkled as he smiled that made her stomach flip flop. He had sandy hair and wore glasses.

“Can I get a beer?” she asked, looking around at all their bottles.

“Absolutely,” ankara escort bayanlar Lance said. “Take a seat, I’ll get you a bottle.”

Lance grabbed a bottle of lager and James tossed her a bottle opener. She opened it and took a sip. It was cold and absolutely delicious.

“So what kind of music set-up do you have here?” River asked Lance. “You have some speakers? A playlist?”

“We have speakers,” Lance said, sitting in the chair next to her. We hadn’t thought about music. But we can throw something together.”

“It’s fine, I brought my phone,” River said. “I’ll put something together real quick.”

She scrolled through her songs and put together a playlist as she sipped her beer and scrunched her toes in the warm sand. Then she handed her phone to Lance.

“Get some music playing to get a mood set,” River said. “I just want to finish my drink.”

Lance set up the phone and put the playlist on shuffle. She thought she’d need time to get in the mood for dancing, but as Day N’ Night started playing, the bass moved her, and she rose to stand in front of the guys. She started shimmying her hips and turning in circles. She was right–they didn’t need much to get excited.

She dropped down, knees wide, and flipped her hair in a circle. Erik let out a whistle.

River rose slowly, giving them a good view of her cleavage. She did a little shimmy walk, rolling her hips as her toes tapped a rhythm on the sand.

A Jennifer Lopez song came on next, and River moved towards Wesley’s chair. She pulled off her cover-up, so she wore only her purple bikini, and she tossed the cover-up to the side. Tim caught it and sniffed it, and the others laughed.

River moved her hips in circles, then crawled on the arms of the wooden chair. Wes’s eyes were drawn to her cleavage as she swayed with the music. She leaned in to him and kissed him on the cheek. He seemed both mesmerized and paralyzed, and she was satisfied to see movement beneath his swim trunks.

She climbed off the chair and danced her way to Tim’s chair. He was nearly bald, his hair shaved close to his head to hide a receding hairline. She turned her back to him and dropped into a forward fold, pushing her butt out so he had a good view. She rose slowly and turned to face him again. She blew him a kiss before moving around the circle.

She climbed on the arms of Erik’s chair. He had dark, curly hair and greenish brown eyes. She did a wave with her body that she’d learned in heels class, her chest rising and falling in a fluid motion. He blushed as he looked at her body.

She got off the chair and moved to James, a black man with a short beard and long fingers curled around his beer bottle. For him, she gave a shimmy as she folded her body forward and then rose again.

She moved to Lance’s chair, not wanting to leave the best man out. She crawled onto the arms of his chair and moved to the music. Then, caught up in the moment, she grabbed the tie on the back of her bikini and undid the back. The guys behind her whooped, but Lance seemed frozen.

“You want to take it off?” she asked him softly.

With trembling hands, he lifted the bikini top over her head. She had small breasts, but they were perky, and her nipples stuck out from all the excitement. She laughed softly and kissed his cheek before moving back to Wes.

She turned so her back was to him, and she lowered herself slowly into his lap. River moved her hips over his, and he pulled her down against him, grinding against her.

“Bad boy,” River said as she felt his erection against her ass. “Your fiancée is going to have trouble keeping you in line.”

As she rose, Wes gave her ass a smack and she laughed and moved around the circle again. She straddled the arms on Tim’s wooden lounge chair and shook her hips for him. He grabbed one of her breasts and she kissed him on the nose, laughing.

She had them all riled up now. If she was a professional dancer, she would never let them touch her the way they were. But she was here for fun, and her mind was whirling with possibilities. She saw no harm as long as they were all enjoying themselves.

As she danced for Erik and James, they touched her too, grabbing her breast or her bottom, eager to feel her skin.

She made it back to Lance and sat on his lap, facing him. She could feel that he, too, was hard beneath his bathing suit. She crawled her fingers up his chest and then kissed him on the lips.

Lance, who had been frozen from the moment she sat back on his lap, thawed at the touch of her lips. He wrapped his arms around her back and kissed her deeply, his tongue entwining with hers.

When she pulled away, there was a desperation in his eyes, and she knew his whole body was aching for her.

She rose again and danced her way among the men, staying on her feet now, moving her hips to the music. As she walked by Wes’s chair, she touched her finger to his lips and he licked it.

She pulled Erik to his feet.

“Dance ankara esmer escortlar with me,” she told him.

He ground against her from behind as she swayed her hips. Burn Out by Martin Garrix was playing, and even if she hadn’t been at a bachelor party, she wouldn’t have been able to help dancing to the song. Erik’s hand squeezed her ass cheek as they danced.

James rose and pulled her to him. They danced front to front, one of his legs between hers. She knew she was wet as she slid her hips up and down his thigh. He wrapped an arm around her and dipped her, and upside down, the men were all staring at her, practically drooling.

As she rose and walked to Lance, he stood automatically. He started moving his hips too, jerkily, but he was trying. She kissed him again. She jumped into his arms, and he caught her legs as they wrapped around his back.

Lance walked her to a plastic folding table that held empty beer bottles and snacks. Wes and Tim quickly moved everything off the table as Lance laid her down and kissed River’s belly, then her inner thighs.

Then Wes was there, moving Lance aside, his eyes burning as they looked at hers. He pulled his swim trunks down. His cock stood up straight, at attention, and without preamble, he pulled her bikini to the side and entered her.

River squealed in delight as he entered her. Her whole body had been yearning for this, and the feeling of Wes filling her put her lust at peace.

River beckoned Lance closer. Wes had wiggled around a little to make sure she was loose and now he had begun thrusting. River pulled Lance’s penis from his swim trunks.

“Big boy,” she murmured, looking at his penis. He wasn’t necessarily thick, but his dick was long, too long to fully embrace in her mouth. But she took the tip in her lips and swirled her tongue around it, and that was enough for Lance to throw his head back and murmur, “Fuck, yes.”

Lance moved slowly in her mouth, careful not to make her gag. One of his hands stroked her hair, tenderly.

Tim, Erik, and James stepped out of their swim trunks. River reached out her hands and took Tim and Erik in her hands. James stood out of the way, watching and touching himself to the action going on.

River felt a sudden emptiness and she turned to see Wes had pulled out of her. He nodded to Lance who took his penis from River’s mouth and moved around to the spot of honor between her legs. He rubbed his penis against her slit, then slid in slowly. She squealed as he moved further and further inside her, until he was fully sheathed in her body.

Wes thrust his penis inside River’s mouth and she sucked at it, bobbing her head. As Lance found a slow rhythm, she moaned around the member inside her.

“We should take her inside,” James said to Wes. “She gets much louder, the neighbors will say something.” Their cottage was secluded by palm trees, but that wouldn’t stop noises from carrying.

“Lance, you got her?” Wes asked him. “Take her to my room.”

Lance scooped her up, keeping his long shaft still inside her, and carried her in the beach house. The other men followed, turning on lights as they entered.

Lance carried her into Wes’s room. It had a queen size bed, and he laid her on top of a soft white comforter. Wes knelt by her and offered his penis to her lips again. River reached out her hands and took James and Tim in her palms.

Lance started pushing inside her deeper, and his motions were accompanied by the slapping sound of skin against skin.

River kissed up and down Wes’s shaft, eagerly, trying to give him the best treatment, since he was the man of honor. She didn’t have to do much with her hands, as the other men were thrusting into her fingers.

“Think she can take two at a time?” Tim asked.

She shook her head, pulling away from Wes. “One at a time, boys,” she insisted.

“We’ll all get a turn,” Wes promised Tim.

When Lance moved aside, Tim was the next inside her. He roughly flipped her body onto her stomach and pulled her hips back. She was glad she was already wet, because he delved deep without any preamble. He let out low growls as he pumped inside her.

Erik knelt by her mouth and she opened her lips to him. She gagged slightly as it went too deep, and then she adjusted, putting her hand at the base of his penis so he couldn’t shove as far inside.

She held out her hand to James and his penis slid between her fingers. He didn’t seem to mind the lack of attention; perhaps he had more patience than Tim. He closed his fingers around hers to tighten her grip, and then he thrust against her palm. She noticed how much larger he was than his friends. She had slept with other men before and had experienced cocks of all shapes and sizes, but James seemed to be the largest she had ever held. She was excited for him to get inside her.

Tim slapped her ass, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, three times in quick succession and then plowed harder into her. She thought he was about sincan grup yapan escortlar to come, but he pulled out of her, stroking his penis, and stepped aside for Erik.

Erik got up from his spot at her mouth and came behind her. He went in gentler than Tim, taking the time to figure out the best angle for them both. He leaned over her, one hand holding himself above her back, the other reaching beneath her hips to her clit. She gasped as he found the spot right as James inserted his penis in her mouth.

She was in bliss then, bliss as Erik rubbed her harder, and she screamed around James’s dick. She wasn’t sure how she stayed upright. Her whole body felt like it was on fire, burning in excitement and desire for more, more, more.

The men laughed as she came down, panting and relaxed.

“How fast do you think she’ll come for James?” Wes wondered. “I’ll bet twenty dollars she can’t last two minutes with his fat cock.”

“I’ll take that bet,” James said. “When you’re ready, Erik.”

“Be my guest,” Erik said.

Erik pulled out and James got behind River. The other four moved away from her to watch, although they all kept stroking their dicks.

“Ready?” Wes asked James, looking at his watch. “Go.”

With a sudden push, James was inside her. She knew he couldn’t be all the way inside her yet, but he was quickly widening her. He pulled out, then thrust in a little further, out, then further still, out, and then she felt his hips against her ass and felt the full length of him inside her.

He started thrusting quickly now that she was accustomed to his length, and she found his tip was reaching a sensitive spot other men had never been able to touch before.

“She’s close,” Tim said, eagerly. “Look at her.”

“Go for the clit,” Erik said, “and she’ll be a goner.”

James reached down, found her button.

“Ah, Ah, AHHHH,” River cried out. Her whole body sank into the bed as she came against James. “Fuck.”

The men chuckled again. “That was seventy-five seconds,” Wes said. “Nicely done. Anyone else want to take the bet?”

River lifted her upper body back up under her arms. She looked around to see Tim position himself behind her.

“Ready,” Wes said. “Go.”

Tim entered her just as quickly as he had earlier. This time, he grabbed her arms and pulled her wrists behind her back, holding her up with his whole body. She had no problem with being restrained, but it didn’t do it for her the way other things did. It seemed to work Tim into a frenzy, and he thrust quickly, his balls slapping against her over and over again as he moved in and out. But – “That’s time,” Wes said.

“Anyone else?” Wes asked Lance and Erik, but they didn’t seem to want to be under the pressure of time. James moved back to River and flipped her on her back again. He entered her slowly this time, working his way gently inside her. Tim knelt next to her and thrust his penis into her mouth. She turned so he was hitting the inside of her cheek instead of the back of her throat, and she let him thrust as violently as he wanted. She held out one hand to Wes and another to Erik.

No one was timing her this time, but she knew it must have been less than sixty seconds before Jame’s cock had her bucking and writing again. She screamed against Tim’s dick, and that seemed to do it for him, because he grunted and ropes of warm cum spurted into her mouth. He pulled out and River managed to swallow. Tim retreated to the edge of the room to watch. She noticed that his dick, while it had deflated momentarily, twitched with eagerness again, just from watching.

Lance moved into Tim’s position and River welcomed him inside her mouth. He was happy just to keep the tip inside her and she swirled her tongue around his head until James picked up his pace. She couldn’t control her body then, and she was sure her mouth was partly agape and her fingers slackened on the other two dicks as James thrust harder and harder into her.

“Fuck, yes!” she cried out. “Like that. Like that. FUCK!” She bucked her hips again and shouted as he pulled out of her and shot his cum along her stomach.

She barely had time to come down from her high before Wes was inside her again. Lance and Erik knelt on either side of her, jerking their hands, pointing at her stomach, ready for release. River touched each of their balls, helping, as Wes thrust in her faster and deeper.

“Oh,” River said softly, “OH, YES, FUCK.”

Wes pulled out of her and shot ropes of cum against her chest. Erik and Lance, stimulated both by her cries and the touch of her fingers, shot their own loads onto her chest. Spent, River fell back against the bed and closed her eyes.


River hadn’t been aware any time had passed, but the room she woke in was different. Lance was wiping her down with a damp towel. All the other men were gone.

“You were magnificent,” he told her, awe in his eyes.

“Thank you,” she murmured.

“You can stay here tonight,” he said. “This room is mine. I don’t mind taking the couch.”

“You can sleep next to me,” River said. “As long as you don’t try anything else.”

“I think I’m satisfied for a bit,” he said with a smile. “I tucked your money in your purse by the way. We added a few tips for a job well done.”

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