Shopping for BBC Blacken

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Shopping for BBC Blacken
Today, I went to Dillard’s to get some new summer outfits. I had been dieting and working out all winter and was ready to slip into something new. While I was looking through some racks of skirts and tank tops I noticed a young black man staring at me. I smiled at him and he seemed to blush and turn away.

As I left the store with a few purchases and was walking through the mall parking lot that guy pulled up next to me in his car. He had some hood-tricked out Toyota. I had to smile to myself.

“Hey, you want to go party with us?” He said. I noticed he had two other black young men in the car with him. I knew what they had in mind and I hadn’t had a black cock in a while. My husband was at home with my k**s so what the hell. He owed me some time anyways, he works all the time and leaves me with them.

“Sure, but where is the party?” I asked grinning.

“We have a room over at that hotel and a couple 12 packs.” He said. “You can ride with us or follow us over if you want.”

I said “Sure I could use a drink” and I licked my lips, which had a nice shade of red lipstick coating them “and I have some time to kill. Why don’t I follow you over, my car is right there.”

“Don’t get lost,” he said. I finished the short distance to my car that my husband had worked very hard to get me. The last few yards to the car I could hear some of their comments about my body. I suddenly got a little moist in my crotch thinking about their young hard cocks. Then I got a little worried. It had been at least 5 years since a black man had fucked me. My husband who is white has a nice cock but only about 8 inches and I was getting ready to have sex with 3 black young studs. I knew it; they knew it, no sense in hiding it.

I jumped in my car and nodded to them. They waved me on behind them. Then I heard some R & B start to jam out their window. That told me that they were obviously pretty young and probably very horny.

I followed the short distance to the hotel.

We parked and since it was one of those shady hotels with outside access to each room I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about being seen in a hotel lobby. I watched them walk up to a room, 215 was the number. Then I followed quickly.

One of them held the door open. I walked in and he closed the door and locked it. He then asked, “What is the hurry?”

“I am married and I don’t want anyone to see me come in here.” I said.

“Really, well what is your name?” he asked.

“Trish” I lied.

“Trish my name is Steve, and bahis siteleri this is Rick, and that is Tim” Steve said, “Want a beer.”

I shook my head “I will take a coke or something though.”

Rick chuckled “I hope you don’t just expect to sit here and drink soda Trish.”

I shrugged “what else is there to do.” Damn, this guy is straightforward and they seemed by the way they moved and their actions they had done this before.

Rick said “we pick older married women up at the mall all the time and usually we have a lot of fun with them” he then winked at me.

I bit my lip, knowing that in the past this always drove men wild. Watching me suck on my bottom lip for some reason always ensured a good fucking. “I only have a couple hours before I should get home, would you like to see my tits Rick?” I asked.

“Hell yea, damn you are one fine ho. Most of them other married women have to be talked into showing them.” He answered.

I pulled my tank top off allowing them a full view of my tits still trapped in my bra. But they ached for their touch. I unsnapped the back a let my black bra fall off. Instantly I felt Rick’s hand pinch my dark nipples. Then I felt Steve’s hand on my ass. He was rubbing my cunt through the material of my skirt. I moaned slightly.

Tim came over and stood in front of me. “You won’t mind if we call you a slut, since that is how you are acting, right bitch?”

I shook my head, Steve’ fingers had found their way into my pussy. I squirmed a little.

“Get the bitch naked” Tim ordered as he undid his belt and began taking his clothes off.

My skirt was pulled down roughly and my thong. I kept on my black come-fuck-me pumps. I then felt two cocks being rubbed on my ass cheeks. Steve kept ramming his fingers two at a time in my pussy. I was really getting wet.

“Steve take it easy” I moaned.

“Shut up, slut, you are going to get a good hard fuckin.”

I then felt a hand on my head pushing me to my knees. When I opened my eyes three big black cocks where shoved towards me. I just began licking each one and they grew in size. All of them at least 10 inches, Rick had the thickest one. I started to deep throat him. He moaned and the other guys held my head still while he fucked my mouth.

Then Steve said “my turn.” As Rick pulled his cock out of my mouth I gasp for air. They all chuckled.

Tim said, “This is the finest bitch yet I can’t wait to fuck her.”

Steve shoved his cock between my wet lips “Suck it bitch.” I did all of it. I could see my lipstick perabet güvenilir mi was wearing off on the base of his cock as my nose kept bumping into his stomach. “Oh god damn, bitch, suck it.” Is the only thing Steve could say.

Rick then said, “Let Tim get some he is going to burst just watching.”

Steve pulled his massive meat from my mouth and I smiled up at him as he grinned at me. “Ok Tim” I said.

Tim thrust his cock into my waiting mouth. If my husband could see me now sucking these three huge cocks he would probably bust a nut himself. I grinned on the inside. I will have to tell him about this later.

Tim had a hold of both sides of my head skull fucking me. The others kept taking turns fingering my pussy and pinching my tits.

“Ok time to fuck.” Rick said.

“Can I get on the bed?” I asked.

“Just bend the fuck over, Steve you up?” Rick said.

I stood up and got on the bed. The carpet from the hotel room was not so gentle on my knees and I didn’t want to go home with rug burn on them. I assumed the doggie style position. I love it that way and when a man or men take me rough in that position. I have had many group sex sessions usually when I am the only woman and have found that to be the easiest way to get as much cock as possible in me.

Steve shoved his black cock into my willing pussy and grabbed my ass to pull it back on him. I moaned in utter delight.

Tim said, “Suck on this bitch.” He once again shoved his cock in my mouth. Both men were slamming into my pussy and mouth in unison. I gagged a couple times but managed to take all of Tim’s cock. Rick laid on his back and started to suck on my nipples.

I started to cum hard. “ARRGG, fuck yeah.” Is all I could say while I jacked Tim’s cock with my hand. My pussy contracted making it tighter than usual.

Steve slapped my ass “I am going to fuck the dog shit out of you, slut.” He then quickened his tempo and slapped my ass making catch on fire.

“Oohh, hooo, yeah” I moaned.

“Come on Rick get some of this hot bitches ass.” Steve said. Rick stopped sucking on my tits, stood up and walked around to the bed to push his cock in my wet pussy.

Steve then said, “I am going to cum in this bitches face.”

Tim stopped forcing his cock down my throat and pulled back to let Steve assault my mouth with his mammoth black dick.

Tim then said “I want to fuck her and cum in her face also.”

Rick said “I am going to cum on those nice tits, get on your back.” Both men pulled away to let me tipobet lay on my back. Then Rick shoved his cock back in my pussy that was starting to burn. I love that feeling and was starting to get ready to cum again. Steve got close enough to my face for me to lick his cock some more as he stroked it over my face.

My tits were bouncing in the same to the same rhythm that Rick was fucking me. I would look at him every chance I got when Steve’s balls weren’t in the way and could tell he was close.

Rick pulled out and beat his big black manhood over my chest. His boiling cum splashed over my tits. He grunted and milked out as much as possible. I was covered in the slimy white stuff. It felt warm and he had a lot of it. Younger guys always do.

Steve was getting close to Cumming also. His balls started to tighten and his ass muscles were totally flexed. I guided his cock to my mouth as he pumped his black man-hood into my mouth it erupted. Cum shot down my throat and poured out of the corners of my wet mouth. Steve shoved his cock down my throat while he continued to ejaculate down my throat. The warm salty cum tasted so good. I swallowed as much as I could.

Tim moved around and started to fuck me with his big cock. Steve moved off my head and I could feel his cum start to cool on my face and tits. Tim kept looking at me while he fucked me as hard as he could. Then I started to have another orgasm. I grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed my pelvis toward the assault my pussy was getting. He was slamming his hard cock in my pussy to the hilt. He started to sweat and he was grimacing from the intense pleasure he felt.

Then he jammed his cock into me hard. “I am going to cum inside this bitch, nowwae.” He screamed. I felt his cock twitch many times as he stopped his thrusting movements. My tits stopped bouncing up and down and the cool air of the other guys cum started to feel good. Steve and Rick already were dressed.

“Now that ho was a good fuck, Steve” Rick said.

“Hell yeah” Tim whispered as he pulled up his boxers.

Steve asked “what was your name again, bitch.”

I smiled slipping my skirt back on “Trish and thank you boys very much.”

Steve said after Tim finished dressing “No need to lock up, we will be back in a little bit, and don’t be here.”

“I wont,” I said with a smirk “I have to get home.”

The door slammed. I shrugged and put my tank top. I didn’t bother to put my bra or thong back on. I was hoping my friend Clint was home. He loves to suck my pussy clean after someone else fucks me. What ever floats his boat cleaning my pussy is his only job , I won’t let him fuck me. The beauty of it is my husband knows and they are friends.

I guess I will stop by Clint’s house on the way home for a cleanup job.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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