Suzanne Performs in the Lads Tent

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Suzanne – Performs Live – A Music Festival with Extended Play

Johnie Newman finished his final encore; for the moment, there was no music, just the sound of thousands of chattering voices.

Suzanne and her friends began to make their way back to the drinks marquee. They had spent a couple of hours the previous evening before making their way back to their cosy, if not somewhat cramped, tents. So far, the weather had been kind. It was warm, and no rain had been forecast.

Tonight, she wore her shortest of short denim shorts and a low-cut T-shirt showing plenty of her generous cleavage.

Her mind turned back to the previous evening. When She had met, albeit briefly, Mike and Ollie, who had begun to flirt with her before the other girls dragged her away to get some chips on the way back to the tent. It was the shorts and cleavage and perhaps a few drinks between them that had started flirting. She kind of hoped they might be in there again.

The marquee was probably bigger than the local village hall. The grass underfoot was becoming worn, and there was that strange marquee smell of grassy air trapped under canvas. It was busy there but not uncomfortable, probably because it was too expensive for the kids who bought their own booze or smoked for fun.

There were four long bars around the four sides of the marquee.

Suzanne and her girly friends, with their drinks purchased, stepped back a little from the bar. She glanced at the far end of the one they had just bought their drinks from–that where she had spent her 10 minutes of fun with Mike and Ollie.

But tonight, so far at least, there was no sign of them. Others were standing where they had stood.

She and her group began to chat about the day’s acts, who had performed well, who had disappointed and who they look for to seeing tomorrow.

For a few moments, Suzanne stared at the entrance to the marquee, still no sign of them.

Then a couple more drinks, she glanced around to see if she had missed them somewhere else.

There they were, waving to her. They were standing at the end of the bar on the far side of the marquee, the same place as last night, but on the other side. There were waving to her to go over; she smiled and raised her glass at them.

She raised her voice slightly, “Listen, girls, no chips for me tonight – please!”

” Hey, it’s them again; how come you get two of them?”

“Yeah, Suzanne, who supposed to be looking after who here? We thought you come to chaperone us!”

She ignored them and smiled a little; she doubted whether Mike or Ollie had yet turned 30.

She walked across to the other side of the marquee; her hips swayed unrestrained. The two guys smiled as ankara moldovyalı escortlar she came towards them. Mike picked up a drink from the bar and handed it to her. “Glad you could make it again. Suzanne,” he said, nodding toward the glass.” Don’t you think that deserves a kiss?”

” I suppose it does.” She pecked him quickly on the side of the cheek,

“Is that it!”

“It’s more than I had,” quipped Ollie from his bar stool.

“You haven’t bought me a drink.”

“I will do as soon as you finish that one.”

“Thank you, I’ll have double of something next time.”

The pitch of Ollie’s voice rose by a few octaves.

“A double! A double! “He said, rocking back on forth on the stool., well that calls for gratitude in advance!” He puckered his lips as if expecting her to place her thanks there.

Suzanne leaned forward to give him the same peck on the cheek as she had given Mike; as she did, he grabbed her bum and pulled her gently to him, her mound brushing over his knee. She liked it, but for now, pushed him back by the shoulders.

“You are a norty boy, young Master Oliver!”

He winked, “I know.”

Mike, who was standing at the bar, in the time-honoured stance of propping it up, seemed to be staring at the floor,

“Are you all right,” she asked.

“I think I am,” he replied without looking up,” but I reckon those shorts are even shorter than the ones you had on yesterday.”

She shrugged.” They might be.”

“Well, they fit great; give us a twirl Suze.”

“Or a twerk,” laughed Ollie.

“I’ll give you a twirl but no way a twerk!”

“Go on then!”

She twirled slowly, slowly enough for Mike to softly touch her bum and the top of her thigh; his hands were warm, soft and smooth.

Then. Twirl done, facing Ollie with her back to the bar Suzanne thrust her empty glass toward him.

“Double, please.”

“Very well, he slipped down from the stool; I suppose you have given me a down payment on it.”

“No, I paid you in full, with a kiss.”

He laughed, “A peck, you can do better than that; I know you can!”

As he stood waiting to be served, his forearm was brushing against her breast; he knew damn well it was, Suzanne knew damn well it was; she could feel it but made no attempt to move. The drinks arrived. He winked.

“I saw that with Mike.”

“Did you now?”

“I did.”

With her bum still against the car, he bent slightly – discreetly but slowly, with his rough workman’s hand, slowly ran it up the back of her thigh until he came to her shorts where he lingered a moment.

“Nice,” he whispered.

Suzanne turned to take her drink from him. She glanced at Mike. Now sincan ukraynalı escortlar he winked at her.

Jay Z was being announced on the main stage.

“Do you wanna go see Jay ZZZ,” asked Ollie.

“Nah,” Mike replied, we can hear him, and he ain’t much to look at anyway, not compared with the company were are keeping tonight; he smiled and touched Suzanne thigh where it met her shorts.

She smiled at him, eased back, so she was leaning against Ollie’s leg on the bar stool. He kissed her neck once and quickly.

She was beginning to want more than a quick touch and a quick kiss, and the drink was warming her in places.

As she sat with Ollie, Mike came close, facing them

“What are we going to do then? It’s getting a bit bloody expensive here, paying these prices.”

“Have one more for luck and go back to our tent. We’ve got a load, beer, wine, you wanna come back, Suzanne?”

“Where is your tent?”

“About four rows behind yours.”

“How do you know where ours is?”

“Saw you this morning on your way up the posh loos!”

“Oh, did you now!”

“Yup, our tents a lot bigger than yours. Master Ollie and I have separate bedroom compartments; I mean that real proper posh.”

She was quiet for a moment. It was nearly ten-thirty and dark out there.” OK, I’ll come back for a couple, are you sure you’re near ours, will one of you see me back later.

“Of course, all part of the service,” said Mike.

One of Suzanne friends, Beth, came over to say they were going to watch Jay Z, was Suzanne coming?

“I can hear her him well enough,” she said.

“OK, have fun, see you later.” Now was her turn to wink, then she turned and went to leave; as she did, a £5.00 note fell from her back pocket.

Mike leapt up and dashed after her, seemed very grateful, they chatted for a moment, Beth blew him a kiss and followed the others out toward the stage.

“What are you up to said, Ollie?”

“Just returning the ladies money, like the gent that I am.”

“Shall we go now?”

Outside was a cool breeze, pleasant after the heat of the day, now she felt the alcohol, relaxed but a little giddy. The tent was five minutes or so away.

Ollie, too her arm, “Piggyback?” Before she could say bacon, he had whisked her onto his back; he was a strong lad, her hands around his neck, her breasts soft against his shoulder blades. Torches and lamps all around and about, the festival was still well and truly alive.

She was very slightly bobbing up and down with his steps as he piggybacked her across the field. It was no accident that Ollie’s hand had found its way to the crotch of her shorts and was pressing it gently in elvankent minyon tipli escortlar rhythm with his steps.

They were halfway, and Ollie called Mike a few yards on front.

“Your turn, mate.”

Suzanne was down and helped up on to Mikes back for the rest of the way. There was no time wasted; his hands took over where Ollies had been, and he slips his thumb into the shorts. He found her little secret, she was wet, her pussy was creamy wet.

The two lads were true to their word; they were about four rows behind in a big blue frame ten with a kitchen area and, yes, two separate bedrooms.

Someone lit the calor gas lantern. In each bedroom were a fold-up chair, sleeping bag and a double blow-up mattress.

Mike pointed to the seat in his room. “Suzanne. Take a pew. Fancy a bottle of Strongbow for now?”

She did as he suggested, the light was dim, but her eyes were getting used to it. She heard three tops coming off bottles. Ollie came to his room opposite and sat in his chair.

“Cheers all!”

Mike passed Suzanne her bottle at took a swing of his own, lay on the mattress and patted it for Suzanne to join him there.

She was past the point of no return with this and lay beside him.

With her drink still in her hand, he was straight at her, kissing her mouth, neck, mouth again tongues. His rough hands were under her T-shirt, feeling her tits. Heavy breathing, both of them

She wanted his cock, wanted to feel it, she fumbled a moment hands down to his crotch…fuck, he was hard.

Her top was off, but the pink bra stayed on; for now, then she kicked her way out of her shorts. It was animal sex, and they were going straight for it.

She tugged at his trousers, his cock came free,

How would it feel, a new cock? Christ, it was long, not thick, but God, it was long. She felt now like a dirt bitch on heat. Fuck me, she cried, just fuck me.”

He did; she was well ready for him; he slides in, she gasped. So deep, never this deep before. He was wound up; they were both wound up. His rough hands all over her tits, her arse and on her clitty. She pushed his hips back a little; he was so so deep. It was so so good. He pleasured her; she calmed a little, opened her eyes to look at him fucking her. His eyes were close beads of perspiration reflecting in the dim light

Where was Ollie?

She glanced across the tent. He was in his own room, naked and wanking himself. Their eyes met.

He called out. “Mike, I want her now, send her over, share and share-alike.

Mike cursed, with great reluctance, pulled his cock out of the sopping pussy. “Go to him, babe, but don’t belong. I want you again, then you take us both together. He kissed her lips.

She slid off the mattress and took two steps to where Ollie was still on his back cock in hand.

Take it, he demanded, gey on it. Suzanne crouched over him and lowered herself slowly.

My God, she whispered, you are so wide so thick, she was going to ride him to kingdom come and back


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