The Unicorn

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In the world of Swinging there is a rare creature that is so seldom seen that some people consider it a mythical creature while for others who meet one instantly make a fuss over them trying to entice them into their fun. This creation is the single female, a bisexual woman who enjoys the lifestyle and will happily enter other couple’s beds. Miyako was one such unicorn and since her entry into Kyoto’s swinging scene had found herself very popular.

Miyako knew that monogamy wasn’t for her. While her friends at university had been snogging boys and offering themselves to one at a time only, she knew she liked both men and women and couldn’t make up her mind. As she matured into adulthood she started to explore her sexuality and slept with both men and women and when she finally discovered swinging knew she had found the life she wanted.

While she refused to enter into a relationship she had found herself becoming increasingly involved with Akito and Ichika a couple she had met eighteen months earlier and who she regularly shared a bed with. In recent months she had moved into escort bayan an annexe in their Kyoto home recently vacated by Akito’s ailing mother. It allowed her to have her independence but also to join the others in their bed either just for their comfort or to engage in intense sexual pleasure.

Miyako’s attraction was her submissiveness. She regularly dressed for play in the Kogal or sailor school uniform styles associated with Japanese cosplay and porn fetish or other clothing associated with the Kawaii culture of cuteness. She had been educated in submissive sexual acts by successive masters including spanking, paddling and Shibari, Japanese rope bondage, and loved them all. But Miyako wasn’t just invited into her bed for her submissiveness as she could step up to a more dominant role if required.

She liked Akito and Ichika because their play involved two of them making a fuss of the third person. They would take turns to be the partner who derived most pleasure from the sex but would ensure everyone was satisfied by the end of the session. She also liked them sincan bayan escort because of their body hair. Akito had a beard which made him look sexy and had an abundance of pubic hair around his cock. Ichika also sported a thick bush of pubic hair and Miyako loved rubbing it before her fingers moved deeper and touched her genitals. Miyako had followed suit and now sported her own triangle of thick black hair covering her entry.

Tonight it was Miyako’s turn to be made a fuss of. Their play had identified what she liked and whilst they all liked to experiment both knew that this evening Miyako would be happy to engage in a hybrid spit-roast. Both showered Miyako with sensitive kisses first on the lips and then Ichika moved down to her breasts and tummy before kneeling before her and touching her between her legs. She gently kissed the thatch before pushing her tongue deeper first flicking it over her button, then kissing her pussy and finally she pushed her tongue inside and tasted her. When she felt overwhelmed by the juices issuing from Miyako’s tunnel she elvankent escort bayanlar broke away and led her to the bed.

They moved her tummy down and bottom in the air. Ichika positioned herself and moved Miyako head to bury it in her groin eagerly waiting the easting out she was about to have. Akito pressed himself against her and easily slid inside her and she was incredibly slippery and willing. Once ready they started to have sex and each of them performed their tasks to help satisfy each other. Ichika was rewarded first with her won climax and Miyako was met with a torrent of juices gushing out of Ichika’s tunnel. Next was Akito as he spasmed and emptied his cum into Miyako’s willing snatch. The pair moved the unsatisfied Miyako onto her back and gently rubbed her until she too had her climax.

The three climbed under the covers with Miyako in the middle. She liked to become childlike at this point and rest her head against one of Ichika’s breasts. Akito lay behind her and she could feel the cum on the end of his cock and his pubic hair pressing against her thigh. As she felt his cum start to ooze out of her she started to feel dreamy and soon fell asleep. She always wondered at times like this whether her days as a unicorn were coming to an end but knew in the morning she’d be just as determined to stay as a unicorn for as long as she could.

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